Submitted by John Senser

Thank you for not giving up on this country and being brave enough to tackle deportation and crime and things to make us feel safer

Submitted by

You remind me of my father. L. J. Schreck, Marina Towers.
I saw him in you. In too many ways to explain. (Especially when you danced after the rallys). You gave me hope, like he always did, when I was lost. I followed Q, I cant say i understood much, but i tried to. And I believed. No matter what any one said.
Thank you for what you have done. Thank you for your heart.

Submitted by

Thank you so much President Trump for allowing God to raise you up as our modern day Samson. Thank you for your courage and relentless tenacity to truth! America has got your 6 and we can never thank you enough! Much love Ann’s continued prayers for you, the military and your family!

Submitted by

Thank you for all that you have done to save our Republic! Without you, we would all be dead by now. We pray for you and the good guys working hard to save the children and free us from their chains. We love you President Trump!

Submitted by Crystal

Thanks for all you’ve done…words simply cannot express the gratitude. I’m in Australia and am astounded as to what I’m learning in this awakening journey.
We were so close to the brink…the evilness is incomprehensible.
Where would we be…our children and grandchildren if you had not intercepted and stood strong in your views, beliefs and convictions.
I look forwards to the closure of this darkness that will be demonstrated in the implementation of the quantum financial system. To me, the importance of this is no more wars, no more government financial corruption and, no more child trafficking.
Thank you again - you have taken enormous risks.
God Bless You x

Submitted by Jennifer Smith

President Trump
...PLEASE 'know' that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is your biggest enemy! He MUST be arrested for treason!
Thank you for representing us, for fighting for We the People!
God Bless You Sir.

Submitted by Earl Shay

God bless you & your family

Submitted by

President Trump how do you like my Trump Train bus? Let me bring it to Maralago.

Submitted by Buddy Hall

Hello President Trump! My name is Micah Bell I am 39 years old and I love you. You care more for the people than any president in my lifetime, those liberal cowpokes are pathetic and we need a true survivor like you in the great White House. That’s all there is. Winners and losers. You, my brilliant TRUE president, are a winner. I love you, please run again

Micah Bell

Submitted by Micah Bell

T rump🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🤲⛪️🦅

Submitted by Gmama

Thank you Trump! We need you back in office, MAGA 2024!!! You're still my president in my eyes, the best one ever too! Can't wait to vote this year, goodluck Mr. President!

Submitted by Richard

My Dear President Trump, God is truth, and the truth will prevail and be victorious!! God is with you and will never leave you. He has chosen you to bring the truth to light and expose the darkness. I pray for your protection every day and love you very much. God Bless.

Submitted by Martha Llaneras

Thank you for everything you have sacrificed for our country. You are by far the greatest president this nation has ever known.

Submitted by

I am not able to express my gratitude for all you've done in words. My heart feels so heavy today but we are with you and God is with you. Thank you for all you've sacrificed and for all you have endured for our behalf. We love you and your family, President Trump.

Submitted by Georgia A. Mittendorf

Praying for you today President Trump.

Submitted by

The cream always rises to the top. We are behind you 100%

Submitted by


Submitted by

God bless you and your Family. Refuse to Lose 🙏❤️🙏onward and upward

Submitted by Rich Thompson

History will recognize President Trump as one of the greatest POTUSES in modern times. Dear God, good must prevail over evil for this man who so selflessly gave of himself to help Americans. Protect him, give him strength, and help him walk in Your glory. Amen.

Submitted by

There is no way to Thank You for being there for us. We truly love u like no other President.

Submitted by


Genesis 50:20
“You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.”

This verse is perfect for President Trump in this relentless political persecution prosecution.

Like Joseph in Genesis 50:20, President Trump has enemies intent on harming him.
But God intends it for good… to #SaveAmerica!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Tamara Leigh

Submitted by Tamara Leigh

President Trump you are still my president, I know you won! I believe you will go down in History as the Greatest President this Nation has ever had. That the Lord YHWY chose you to save the US and the Nations of the World. I know that you are an anointed man of God chosen for such a time as this. I have a wish and that is to meet you in person some day. I often have dreams that you show up and tell me to drop everything and go with you. I voted for you. I had a dream that you won for President against all the odds but God placed you in office despite the deep swamp. I am Hispanic, Female that believes in the truth, values and above all that we serve a living God. I know that you love people and I've heard all the acts of kindness you've done to help individuals. It is Evil vs Good and we shall prevail with His help and if we stay united/humble we will be VICTORIOUS. You will continue to be our president for 4 more years! May God Protect you and your family always....Maria

Submitted by Maria Sylvia Maldonado

God has always sent you to save our country. You have endured so much and never give up. We will not give up on you. We will rejoice when you and Melania are back where you belong in the White House. You are the only one that can save us. I am terrified where we are heading at the moment. I am terrified for my grandchildren. May God protect you and bless you with good health. God bless your family and we look forward to justice being served. Melania needs to be our beautiful first lady again as well. Thank you for all you have done.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, I believe you are the only one who can handle the mess of our current administration and make America Great Again. I really want to see you back in office, back in charge and saving us and saving our country. You are a giant! Your ethics and desire to expose the truth will turn our country around. Love you much! Emma Baron

Submitted by Emma Baron

Trump, I want to sincerly thank you for all that you have done to support my family during these trying times under the sleepy biden administration. I firmly believe that you are not only the best president to ever walk this earth, but one of the best men as well - right up there with Jesus and Julius Ceaser. I hope, with your guidance in 2024, that we can rise above the woke elites and finally give America it's freedom back.


Submitted by Nuts

WWG1WGA Mr. President! Thank you for what you did as President and I hope to see you return before 2024!

Submitted by Anon


Submitted by

I found this edit online. It's good to know that there are still good people out there. LOVE YOU TRUMP!!

Submitted by deez

Thank you, Trump, for your support for Republicans to be united for our 2023 Speaker of the House selection.

Submitted by


Submitted by deez

he loves trump 😁♥

Submitted by deez

Dear President Trump,
Thank you for all that you have done, and continue to do for America. You gave us hope and helped us open our eyes to our government. You gave us back our power and brought WE THE PEOPLE together. I hope you will continue to be a voice for the many of us who stand with you. We need you President Trump and New California State needs you too. Please help New California become a state.
God Bless you and your family always,
Amy Burningham, Merced, CA

Submitted by

I’m a Mom of a police officer, and our Law Enforcement nationwide really needs you. I voted for you in 2016, and I’ll vote for you if you run in 2024. I know this country needs you at the helm of this sinking ship. My daughter Molly is with the Mesa Police, and was an officer with Brandon Mendoza in Mesa AZ She’s seen some terrible things in her 20 years on the force. She was a patrol officer, and then a Detective. She just left a 12 year assignment in SVU as a sex crimes detective. Now at 20 years, she just moved to headquarters to be an instrumental contributor to their nationwide recruiting team. One of the toughest jobs in Law Enforcement right now is recruiting. My son in law is with the US Marshall’s Fugitive Task Force. And my son is a Gang Unit Parole Officer. Without you, I fear the rule of Law and Order, will simply disappear. I never thought in my lifetime that I would see this. I pray for you and your family every night Mr. President. Please run!🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you Friends together we are MAGA

Submitted by


Submitted by Acalvertsmith

Thank you President Trump for everything you’ve done. I have one request. Would you consider Endorsing Senator Brian Dahle for Ca Governor? Unfortunately, I live in Ca still with my family & unable to move at the present. I am a fighting Patriot that served in the US Navy for almost 9 years. I am aware of everything going on behind all of the lies that our Fake News Media says. Our reality in America is very scary & almost unbearable to watch. Please help Ca get back into being a part of America for Patriots by Endorsing Senator Brian Dahle. Thank you & God Bless you & your family enduring everything they’ve done to you. We the People know the truth. I pray for the day that everyone knows what they’ve done & are doing to us. God Bless you for your consideration endorsing Senator Dahle. We must not allow cheating in our election any longer. Thank you Cynthia Scanlan.

Submitted by CynSMaga

Stay strong we love you

Submitted by

Dear President Trump,
Help us here in California! I believe that this state belongs to We the people in the name of Jesus! You were called by Almighty God to make America Great Again and also influence the entire world!
California was the home of the Azusa Street revival as well as the Jesus movement! God loves California and I know you do too!
Thank you for obeying God! Please ask him for further instruction to make California Great Again also!
May God bless you and all those that you carry in your heart!
Thank you, Phyllis Saenz of Sacramento.

Submitted by Phyllis Saenz

God has got you President Trump. We love you and thank you for all you have already done and for that you are still going to do. Stay strong in your faith. God has angels surrounding you and your beautiful family. These people are sons of Satan and God's will shall be done. You are a true patriot and a stellar example of what it means to be an American citizen. I have learned many lessons from you about what it means to put love of country first. We need you to set this country back on track. If they stop you, we as a country, are doomed. My grandson and I would love to come to one of your rallies. I have pulled him out of the public school system and I am trying to raise him Right. I woud love for him to feel the spirit of patriotism. I have tried to look up your rally schedule online but it is difficult to find. I live in Southern Indiana and woukd live to know when there will be a rally near us please stay strong and stay safe. Please email me a rally schedule at

Submitted by Jajean

Please President Trump keep staying strong. We are with you because we know you have America’s interest and Americans as number one to make this Great country the number one in the whole world. Stay strong we are with you all the way we must with your help keep fighting for our God given rights as true citizens and Hod knows who is on his side and it is you and all of us true loving Americans. Hod will see that the evil left will pay for what they have done. Stay strong President Trump God is with you and we are as well

Submitted by

Dear president Trump,
Yes I said President because I still believe you are our president that we so desperately need right now. Me and my family stand behind you and always will. We can’t wait until you win and take the place of this sad excuse for a so called president!
I can’t wait to see America get its strength back again !!!!

🇺🇸🇺🇸Trump 2024 🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Bria

We will not stand for this, we LOVE YOU more than you know.
Prayer's for you and your family always!

Submitted by

They have unjustly raided you for political purposes only. They want to keep you from winning again. President Trump I hope and pray you and your staff so this coming and have set the Dems and FBI up for one of their biggest falls ever. Sue the he'll out of all involved. Once you are back in the WH, please fire all of them and bring the Bidens, polosis' and Clinton's to justice. Make them pay for their crimes and FIRE, THE FBI, clean house. You are a great man who loves this country and we the American people. I pray for you all the time. You were cheated and we were too in the 2020 election. I love you and your family. Stand strong. WE need you!!!!

Submitted by Sylvia M

Thank you President Trump for all you've done and are doing for the American people it is appreciated very much I'm on the Trump Train for the long haul hoping and praying you're back real soon you're the real President ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️

Submitted by Julie Smith

Thank you, PRESIDENT TRUMP, for all you have done for us! You have been constantly and unfairly under attack from the democrats. But you never waivered in you efforts to do the right things for us, the American citizens! Millions of us know how you worked for us and rest assured, we remember you for that!
We love you and support you! THANK YOU

Submitted by

Mr. President Trump, Happy Birthday, and God be with you in spirit.

Submitted by

The 45th - Donald J Trump, is the only President our family has supported every weekend. Whether standing on a street waving flags or in caravans down the streets of California to South Dakota. You have always been true to your word and our loyalty you will always have. God bless you and your family. 🇺🇸

Submitted by Faulkner Family

You are STILL the president for many of us. We are patiently trusting God's plan and purpose 🙏 about the 2020 election. We see the exposure of all the corruption in both parties, the stage is getting set for you to see who your real friends and supporters and with God's annointing, 2024 couldn't come any sooner. We are still waiting for a miracle to reinstate you as our president, get all the deep state kicked out of power and jailed ..
President Trump, we appreciate and know you and your family love this country and many are now missing you-now learning their lesson, that a speaking the truth in your tweet is a easier pill to swallow, than all the lies and corruption and destruction this administration is doing.
May God keep you and yours healthy and strong and safe. Till we see you make residence back in the White house again... stay strong.... You are loved .... MAKE AMERICA STRONG AGAIN (MASA) MAKE AMERICA RESPECTED ÀGAIN (MARA) MAKE AMERICA GOD FEARING AGAIN (MAGFA)
D Elsas

Submitted by Mrs. Marion Elsas Jr

Mr. President. I humbly ask you to consider putting your support behind the New California movement. California has millions of America loving patriots, but we have almost no political or economic support from our state government. Most tax dollars and federal loan money goes to densely populated cities in California, while millions of rural Americans pay taxes and get very little in return. Please shine light on the New California movement and give it your full support. Thank you. Sincerely, Randy Ledbetter (a California America First citizen.

Submitted by Randy Ledbetter

President Trump we so have missed you and our first lady Melania.You were the best at making America great again.We are so wanting victory again and 2024 for you to be our president of the laniakea our first lady my prayer is that God will keep you both safe and that you will become our president again and bring America back to where it should be thank you again.Lord Bless you. Both.
Patricia A. Moore

Submitted by Patricia A. Moore

Dear President Trump ~ Californians are begging you to pull the corruption from this State, as you have been doing across the country. We have been the testing ground for all of the election fraud, for decades. We've had our votes overturned, our wishes tossed to the wind. I'm a lifelong Californian, and can't even imagine living anywhere else. I will not be driven out by corrupt politicians, and invading people from other countries.

I've followed the 2020 election closely, and am aware that you are still President of the United States. California needs you.

It seems there is an endless supply of people trying to destroy our country, but you know there are over 80 million of us, who are waiting for your return. God Speed, God Bless.

Submitted by Vicki Stromlund

Enough is enough. We need you to finish these vial creatures off and return to continue making all USA great again. We want our country back now. Also, please help CA, we are in the epicenter of hell and CA did vote for YOU.

Submitted by Djkc

Come back President Trump! Come back with a vengeance !! Come back and Make America Great Again!!!

Submitted by Joan Williams

President Trump:

Thank You For Everything You Have Done For The American People. Especially For Those That Love And Appreciate You.

I Am Discussed With The The People Not Standing Up For Their Rights, Their Families Rights, And All Our Rights.


Stand Up For Our Rights If You Want Freedom❣

Are Work Is Not Done Until The Scum Is No Longer A Part Of Our Lives❣

Submitted by Thressa

To our real President Donald J. Trump, United We Stand! We fight beside you to keep our freedoms! We are "One Nation Under God" !

Submitted by R Andrews

Please come back. We are losing our country! You can make America great again!

Submitted by

Thank you Donald Trump for being here for we the people of the United States who believe in FREEDOM and JUSTICE for all. We know you won the past election and hope we the people can make it right for you. GOD BLESS YOU AND AMERICA!

Submitted by ymusil

Thank you and your family you are our greatest hope to get America back again love you all .Nebraska is waiting to hear the good news from you. Stay safe

Submitted by Erma Neel

For the first time in my life I literally cried, tears running down my face when you and Malania left the White House. No President cares more for us, the people, than you. I felt safer and trusted that my young grandson in the Marines was safe too. Now I am afraid.

Submitted by

I am patiently waiting for you to come back and clean up this mess that is happening this past year.

Submitted by

Thank you Mr. Trump for all you do! Please don't give up on America! You are our only hope!

Submitted by

Thank You President Trump for doing, what God has called you to do!!! We can’t wait for all this corruption to be over and Make America Great again. It’s time for people to wake up. Thanks again President Tump. We Thank God for everything he is doing.

Submitted by

Thank you and please don’t give up this country and the world needs your leadership, the corruption is destroying this Country

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump , I have to tell you that I think most highly of you and certainly know that you re the hardest working President that I can remember. Mary Nupp from Erie, PA . Your rally here was amazing.

Submitted by

You are the last bastion of hope for America. If I may. avoid pushing vaccines whenever possible, as your base is skeptical at best. I applaud your efforts to stoke patriotism in education, and preserve the principles that have led America to success. America First indeed! Thank you for bearing the considerable onslaught from political foes to stand for American ideals. May your wealth extend beyond your riches, and your family flourish & be well. I anticipate your second act to be far superior to your first, but worry that the theater of democracy may well burn before you can again grace the stage. Wishing you & yours well, from the birthplace of freedom. -The White Family

Submitted by

President Trump, I have been through many elections and presidents, but without a doubt you have left a profound effect on our country and WE NEED YOU BACK! Anyone with common sense knows the past election was stolen and sadly, it looks as if we have to accept it. I am praying you will come back with a vengeance! On a final note… Let’s Go Brandon!

Submitted by

Thank you for saving the country from the globalist. Thanks to you our children are safe in their beds...for making AMERICA great! Do it again mr. president Trump

Submitted by

Thank you Sir for helping our country . You handled the lies and all the stress the liberals conjured up so well, shows your preserverance. your courage and honesty is appreciated. we love you here in California. my neighbors who stay stoned all the time are liberals. loosers. we worked for 47 years, we love you.

Submitted by

To the GREATEST United States of America President EVER, President Donald J. Trump. You are the VERY VERY best, we ALL love you and your ENTIRE family as if you all were our own Family. You are the GREATEST and you did MORE for the USA and World than any other President, actually you did more than ALL Presidents combined. MUCH LOVE Buddy Hall Owner of your Trump Train bus..

Submitted by Buddy Hall (Trump Train bus)

Mr, President Trump',I'm a Huge supporter in everything that you do to make America great again and exposing the Devil. All Glory to Jesus for chosing you. I Pray everyday for Faith Peace and Freedom for our Military to and Holy People. I Hope someday to be able to shake your hand in person,, Again,Thank you. God Bless u and your Family. United we Stand. Sincerely Virginia Bruno

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump chosen by Almighty God and no weapon formed against His chosen will never prosper! I cannot give financially but you and your family are in our prayers. Psalms 91 and Nehemiah 8:10 The Joy of the Lord is your strength! I call Heaven down of blessings and good Health for you Flotus Melania, Son Barron and all your family. Our Abba Father will make all the crooked places straight. 💕📖🙏 Love and Blessings Galore, and so much more for all who love and obey God. His return to Rapture His Ekklesia Bride could be soon. We love you all. Evangelist Elaine Rubino.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump, for the freedom you brought to our country. The freedom to say Merry Christmas and to be able to stand by our beliefs without fear of lawsuits or getting arrested like they’re doing to true patriots now. For standing up for religious freedom and religious expression, for making us energy self-reliant, for causing the lowest gas prices in a long time, for standing up for the unborn that they can have their beautiful life, for putting Israel’s embassy in Jerusalem where it belongs, for fixing trade agreements that were so crooked and bad for America, for getting rid of the Johnson amendment amendment so pastors could talk about politics and their affects in our culture, for going up against the big Pharma and cutting our prescription prices, for cutting taxes and getting rid of regulations that hurt small and big companies, and for bringing back companies from other countries. But mostly for loving God &the USA! Thank you, Jimmy & Anne Alexander, Elbert CO

Submitted by

Thank You My President Trump For All You Do For Our Nation!!! I Pray Everyday For You And Your Wonderful Family!!! We The People Love You!!!! But All Bull Shit Aside!!!! Biden Got To Go!!! This Idiot Is Making Our Nation Look Really BAD!!! He Needs To Go And Need To Go NOW!!! Time For You To Come BACK NOW!!! We The People Need You!!! F Joe Biden!!!

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for the great job you did as president. I will be grateful to you forever. If you run again you will have my vote. I will always believe you were cheated from the 2020 election. Thank you and we need to stop the Biden administration from ruining this great nation.

Submitted by

Dear President Mr. Trump. Thank you for making America great once in my life so I was able to see and tell my future grandchildren what being a true American is and was. I am 46 years old just above poverty and work every single day of my life. I was so happy how you made things in America and how you made my life feel like it was something great. Thank you and God bless you. Greg Johnson in Eastern North Carolina

Submitted by Greg Johnson

Thank You..
MR TRUMP..I Rilly Hope That We All Get To Se The ( Voteing Misheen.s Ran Over With A Bull Dozer)..And Dont Give
Up Dont No How With EveryThing They Threw At Ya..You Still Get Up And Put Your Big Boy Pant.s On..AND KEEP GOING)

Submitted by

I would just like to Thank You for all that you did for the American People. We are grateful for you and your family and ALL they had to endure through out the term you served . We know what happened and still regard you as our Commander and Chief .God has the Last Word and he is in control. We await your return upon his Word. God Bless You and Your Family and God Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Elizabeth Reschman

Love you President Trump! Have been with you from the beginning and will continue to stand with you! MAGA!

Submitted by

President DJ Trump ..We thank you for your Labor of Love! God will vindicate and restore your loving past and present leading the USA ! Victory is is always God's perfect will for you and for us who love Freedom and His Justice.

Submitted by

Well hello there president Trump we sure do miss you we need to make America great again I hope you're going to run again you got a good chance we miss you and we love you

Submitted by Bonnie Bennett

We love you President Trump ❤ 💙 💜 ♥

Submitted by Joyce Adolff

Mr. President,
You weren't my first choice but became the best choice and I was not wrong.
I usually don't say who I'm voting for unless on a campaign because I believe the candidate should always wonder but work hard to keep support but when they attacked your voters then gloves were off and I'm still commenting online and even got silenced for encouraging people to vote. I don't know what happened with Mike but a Trump-DeSantis would be a great team. We need fighters like youse, not basement dwellers like joe who, sad to say sounds like he is on death's door and as he would say, no joke.
Cheers. :-)

Submitted by

Dear God...
Please bless President Trump.
They did him so wrong and screwed the whole country over!!

Submitted by

Thank you for everything you did and continue to do for the USA. We need you back as President immediately. You were the best President we've had in my lifetime and I'm 57! Please don't give up on us!

Submitted by

thank you for being a strong christian and a good american. i follow your info and other conservative info, americas choice and others. sharing the information and where to get it with everyone that is willing to listen. have a strong and better day. jeff.

Submitted by

Good morning, Mr President! We sure are missing you and all of the good work you have done for our country! You have been the greatest President in my lifetime and I appreciate all you've done and will continue to do! We need you back really bad! Our country is hurting and I don't know how much longer it can go on like this. Please run again!

Submitted by

Prayers for you and your family. Prayers for safety and strength. Thank you for loving America and opening our eyes to all the evil. I know things take time and if we are walking with God it is in his timing. Keep your eyes upon the Lord.

Submitted by

President Trump,
Thank you for all that you did to Make America Great Again. We, the People, absolutely love and appreciate your hard work and dedication to keep America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.
Your unending service to all Americans is greatly missed and we welcome you back in 2024! You truly are the best President since the late President Ronald Reagan.
Thank you for starting the grassroots movement to revive the Republican Party.
So proud to have you as our president for four years. Let’s Make America Great Again, Again.
Thank you, Lisa Galloway, San Antonio, TX

Submitted by

Hello President Trump! We miss you , WE need you back in office ! We support you , we appreciate all you do and We love you ! Please come back into office before we no longer have America ! Please 💕❤️

Submitted by

Thank you

Submitted by Landon

Thank you, President Trump, for sacrificing your time, energy, talent, your whole family, to try to save America from the Deep State and Liberals! We learned so much from you- especially how corrupt our country has become!! I know you really won in 2020- I also know America will be greater because of what we learned from you as we Patriots fight your fight to take our country back!! Forever grateful, Ann Davis, Mobile, AL

Submitted by

Donald Trump was the best President ever , I Live in Boston MA I've been to 2 Trump rallies one with Donald Trump Jr and one with the one and the only Donald J. TRUMP 45 th President of The United Statesv, hope he runs in 2024 , if we are still here as Biden is ruining this country , Trump 2024

Submitted by

Des Moines Iowa Rally....MAGA! “Let’s go Brandon!”

Submitted by Brenda Qualey

Thank you for everything you have done to try and better our country. We hope you return in 2025!

Submitted by Darla DiPadova

The Honorable Favored Mr. President,
Thank you for being live on Hannity last night. Brought tears to my eyes as we face the coming days. God raised Jesus Christ from the dead and his power can raise up a repented heart.
Your in our thoughts.

Submitted by Susan

let us help you save Americans as bieden ship sinks

Submitted by

President Trump, You will always be my President! In 2015, my daughter died, and I lost all hope in life. Somehow I met a group of Patriots in my state (Iowa) and we started planning large Trump events. Being involved and being around fellow Patriots and rallying to get the greatest American President of all time to be re-elected gave me a new purpose in life after the death of my daughter. My 94-year-old grandfather shared my passion for patriotism and love for you, Mr. Trump. He attended our final rally with me and passed away right after the 2020 bogus election. I placed a MAGA in his coffin with him when we buried him. Thank you, President Trump, for loving this country. I know you have endured so much hate, but please know that we stand with you! We need you to SAVE AMERICA! See you at the rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Hollie

To Our 45th and 46th President, Donald J. Trump, please help make California great again. We need out of this hypocritical, election thieving, tyrannical, crime rising, taxes rising, illegal immigrant rising, gas and food rising, healthcare rising, vaccine and mask mandating, critical race theory indoctrinating, Christian education hating, and the American Flag hating mess that we are in because of Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, and the rest of the progressive left agenda. After the Newsom recall was rigged, I lost all hope until now. My hope is that you'll come support the New California Agenda so that my vote will finally count. We need you! Thank you for standing up for America and now we need you to stand up for California. Signed by a hard working, tax paying, grandma, mom, sister, daughter, cousin, friend, and God fearing woman who was born and raised in California.

Submitted by Finallythereshope

I want to say thank you to president Trump for getting me involved my local GOP. I miss you I can’t wait to see you at your rally in Iowa this Saturday. I always want to meet you.
God bless you and your family. God bless the United States of America.

Submitted by

Thank you for everything you have done and going to do with God’s help! You have done great things for our nation. You have been the greatest President in my lifetime, so thank you and your family! God Bless the Trump family, President Trump and God Bless America! Thank you Jesus for President Trump and his family!

Submitted by

We love and miss you!!! Our Country needs you so badly right now!!! Praying for you and your family ❤️

Submitted by Laurie Crosby

You are the greatest pres. To ever live. From iceman 2021

Submitted by

# 45 💓 BEST President Ever!
God Bless 🙏 Our President Donald J Trump 💞

Submitted by Dickie Wallace Ocean View area of Norfolk , Virginia 23503

President Trump, we appreciate everything you’ve done for this nation and everything you continue to do. You will always be our President…everyone knows who won. 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙God bless you and your family. 💝💖

Submitted by

Thank you for working to save America. I can only imagine what you could of accomplished if you were not being attacked by the crooked left. You are by far the BEST PRESIDENT IN MY 64 years. You still are and always will be my president. Thank you

Submitted by Patricia Randell

Thank you Mr. President for everything you have done for us. We all know you won we will never stop fighting for you. Stay safe we love you!

Cheryl Fagan

Submitted by Cheryl Fagan

Thank you Mr President loyalty to our country. We would all be done if not for you. We understand why it had to be done this way but the time is now if we are going to save this country. We love you Mr President 💞 but we need you now. The world needs you now. Forever in your debt one of your many 1776 Patriots 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💯

Submitted by Joseph S.McGuire

Thank youPresident Trump for all you have done for we the people. We miss you . We love you. I have been keeping up on the truth. Honestly. Blessings to you and .Melania and family

Submitted by

Thank you for making America Great. You are the best President we have had since Kennedy. God bless you and keep up the good fight

Submitted by Deborah

Thank You President Trump For All You Do For The People of The United States Of America. And All You Do For We The People. We Love You We Miss You Please Please Please COME BACK SOON We Need You🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸🦅

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See ya in 2024

Submitted by

We miss you Mr Trump! We need you! We can't wait to have you back as President, where you belong! Dawn & John Becerra

Submitted by

Thank You President Trump for everything! I can't wait until you're back in office! God bless and protect you and your family! You help make us proud! United we stand, divided we fall. In God we trust. Love, Julia Murnyack

Submitted by Julia Murnyack

Thank you Mr President Trump god bless you and your family hope to see you back soon🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

We miss you President Trump. I’m hoping and praying you’ll be back before we don’t have a country. It really hard to go on know the hell Biden is doing to America. Thank you for being a loving President and caring about America. You and your family are missed and loved. I pray you will be back soon.

Thank you
Lorraine Vega

Submitted by

Thank U Trump for being the Best President ever, in my Lifetime!! Ur Awesome, Amazing, Wonderful and WE The PEOPLE LOVE YOU and Praying God answers Our Prayers Soon! Thanks for hving a BACKBONE to stick up for AMERICA!! FREEDOM is What We All Want!!

Submitted by

You're a Blessing!!!

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for all you have done for the American people and our country! I appreciate the beautiful First Lady also! Hoping to see you both in office again. Much love and hugs to you and your family! ❤️

Submitted by

Thank you president Trump for your service to this country . You will always be my president. My mom and I will always support you. God bless you and your family.

Submitted by Margaret

I have been a loyal supporter of Pres. Trump from the very beginning. I believe you have done your best to support the American people in the best way possible.
I have sent donations over & over and now am receiving emails saying I am a deserter because I do not contribute every time you text me ... I am receiving these texts morning, noon, and night. I also don’t understand your backing of the jab . A lot of people have died from taking it and a friend can hang her keys on her arm where she just got the jab forced on her by her employer. This is not right. I think you are being ill-advised. Please quit telling people this is good... it’s not. Nurses and doctors are quitting everywhere knowing that people are dying.
Your people are going to turn from you if the truth is not put forward. God bless you and your family for what you have have been the answer to our prayers...please continue to listen to our Lord & Savior...He will not fail you ever !!

Submitted by Jeanne

We want to thank you for everything that you and your family has done and will do for our country! We attended your rally in Prescott, AZ last October and wow did we had a great time! I tell everyone that it was the most fun event that I had ever gone to. We are praying that God will place you back in office soon our county needs your leadership and guidance! May God bless you and your family.

Submitted by Sandra Cota

I just wanted to say Thank you so much mr. President Trump. I'm so grateful for everything you did for our beautiful country!!.. Our 6 year old son absolutely loves you too!. You are one of the BEST President's we have ever had!.. I think you from the bottom of my heart for making America great again!!.. 4 years wasn't long enough. We all know that you won the election again!.. God Bless you & your family sir!.. God Bless America!!..
Sending lot's of love & prayers from the Bigham Family!!..

Submitted by Tori

Dear Mr.President, I can’t begin to thank you enough for everything that you have done for our great country. I believe in you! I believe that you have the interest of our country at heart. I believe that God has placed you here in this specific time and place for this very moment. You have the strength and resilience of many men. I pray for your strength. I pray for you, your beautiful First Lady and family.
I am hoping and praying that this mess that we are all in will come to and end soon. Something needs to happen quickly before America is lost forever. I am counting on you and your strength, “with God”to bring justice to the world. Please, Make America Great Again Forever and Ever....Continued support, prayers and love to all...
Patriot Bea Brewer...

Submitted by

President Trump, you are the best President we have ever had. You will be our President again. That I have no doubt. Thank you for all you've done to make America great again and looking forward for you to make America even greater😉. Signed Nathaniel Beauchamp

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Thank you for being the best President since Ronald Reagan. You are loved by us all

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Thank you Mr. Trump,for fighting for me!!!!!May God Bless you,and keep you safe,while you still,continue fighting for me! I appreciate it!!!

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President trump, I think you are the best president this country has had!! I pray that you get back in office soon I can offer soon and get this United States of America back on track! You are in our prayers daily! Please keeplease keep fighting the good fight as we all stand behind you! Prayers and love to you and your family! Love,
Linda One of your many supporters ❤

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President Trump. Carol from Canada. You are our hero. Pray for you everyday.

Submitted by Carol Lantz

We would be toast without you. Thank you for loving our country and its people so much that nothing can stop you from doing everyone you can do. 80 Million and counting....People are waking up. The more I learn, the more I see there is to learn. Thank you!

Submitted by Victoria

I stand with you. You have demonstrated. Duty honor and respect. The time for political games is over. We must choose God. Our highest leader. God bless you. I voted twice in my life. Both times for you. Felt like America needs a “Real no nonsense leader” thank you for continuing to honor thousands and thousands of military and first responders that keep us safe. Not big pharmaceutical companies. We have a compromised government right now. I wish there was something someone can do to make it right again. All I can do is show my support for “real America” Thy law is the truth. I read on a church yesterday. I don’t own a gun. I don’t feel safe anymore. 1 tour in Iraq. Now I am home who will protect me now. We all have your back in Grand Rapids Michigan.

Submitted by Larr135

What can i say that hasn't been said before but thank you, thank you, thank you and God Bless you and your family and friends who have helped too. But mostly we truly do love you for your stead fast love and faith in America and her people and what you have done for her, for us. Please return soon we don't want to know what will happen if you don't. Lots faith and blessings upon you and America!

Submitted by

President Trump, you had to make some of the toughest decisions in a situation that should have never happened. Battling corruption in the deep state, and proved them all wrong during impeachment. Yet, managed this country, and our military cautiously and effectively keeping all Americans safe. You won Mr. President! Everyone knows you did. You are an amazing man!
Thank you for Making America Great Again, I know you will do it again!
Chuck Williams,
Old Town Orcutt, Ca.

Submitted by Chuck Williams


Submitted by Debbie Hunter

Good evening President Trump. I retired from the General Services Administration (GSA) with 41 Years of Service, which also included service with the U.S. Attorney's Office and began in 1979 with The Office of Personnel Management. GSA requested via our Agency's White House Liaison, a POTUS Service Letter. Understandably, with everything going on regarding the stolen election (I live in Georgia, so Believe me, I know it was stolen), I'm am sure you didn't have the time to provide such a letter. But I wanted you to know, during my time of Service, I served under 7 Administration, beginning with Jimmy Carter on Dec. 12 1979 and ending under yours on Jan. 2, 2021, I never had such pride as I did when serving under, than yours sir. I hate to make a request, because I know you are still a very busy man, but if you did have the time to send to me a retirement Letter from the Office of the 45th President, I would be honored. Charles Martin, 108 Constance Drive, Locust Grove, GA. 30248

Submitted by Charles N. Martin, Sr.

Thank you President Trump for all that you did and that your still doing for our country and for all Americans love you God Bless 🙏🤟💯❤️😊🇺🇸

Submitted by Karen Maxwell

Thank you Mr President Trump god bless you and your family hope to see you back soon

Submitted by Janet Leiler

Thank you President Trump smile's crush them. Good News today on the boarder thank you 🤟🙏❤️💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Karen Maxwell

Thank you President Trump for fighting for our country please hurry back!! God bless you and your family 🙏

Submitted by Janet Leiler

Hi Mr. President,
My Mom will be 90 in November. She adores you, as do I. Just lost my Dad to Covid. They were married 71 years this Friday, Would Love if you could send her a Birthday note. It would mean more than you know. She says you are the best President in her lifetime. Helen Ross, 217 Carolina Forest Blvd, Apt. 108, Jacksonville, NC 28546
We Love you, and need you back!!! Thank you, Rhonda

Submitted by

Thank you Mr. President for all you have done for our country. We need you back ASAP. We Love you.

Submitted by

We miss you so much. Please hurry back! God bless you and your family always. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Submitted by

I want to Thank You for the great service you provided our nation . Your presidency will surely reign throughout history , regardless any ideology !!
Stay strong and God Bless you and all whom you are close .

Submitted by Edward Nealon

I live in South Dakota. Pro Trump prints, flags, cards, magnets, etc. are the window dressings of every souvenir store. People really love you here. There is so much of you here...I overheard a little boy say, "Daddy, I think Trump lives here." Anyway, there is absolutely no pro-biden memorabilia to be found. There are some flags saying# u%* biden and teeshirt prints making fun of him. A picture of the White House with "stolen property" below it. God has made you for America- His greatest country. You are truly blessed President Trump and such a blessing to us!! Thank you for being you!! If you ever need protection, come to South Dakota!!

Submitted by Tammi Annecharico

Thank you for all your hard work

Submitted by

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We got your back. We the people are proud of all you do.

Submitted by

Mr. President,

I’m a 57 year old man, I just want to say you are the BEST president in my life time. I still think you are president and pray to the good Lord for your safety and the glorious return to the White House! We the people need you and yes we are draining the swamp. Yes it is deep and wide! But we Americans can handle anything!!

I just want to thank you for everything!

God Bless You
God Bless America

Your Patriot,

Greg Bussen

Submitted by Greg Bussen

Thank you Mr Trump. For All That You are Doing. You Are The Best President Whe Every Had.

Submitted by

Thank you so much for all you do for We The People. Can't wait for your return.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, I really don’t know where to begin or how to find the right words to say on how I’m so truly blessed and grateful to have you in this precious world doing all the God given gifts that you are doing for our country! I have NEVER been a political person as a matter of fact I haven’t voted since I moved to Iowa 18 years ago but in 2020 something told me to do it I was super excited and like all over the world went to bed with that excitement knowing who my next President was going to be. I knew from the heart breaking moment in the morning and hearing the news it wasn’t real!! That the pig had won! There was just no way possible!! I have fought with several people speaking my mind and telling them you will be back! I have been accused of being taken over by a cult and everything you can think of. I don’t care I love you and everyone behind you and Thank you truly from the bottom of my heart for giving up everything TO MAKE AMERICAN GREAT AGAIN! ❤️ God Bless You! 🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

Submitted by Dawn Hahn

Thank you president trump I am begging you to run again We need you back

Submitted by

President Donald J. Trump,
We miss you dearly and need your help more than ever now! Prayers for our country.


Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for ALL you’ve done for America 🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸You won, PERIOD!!! See you in 2024 or before🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸God bless you and your family ALWAYS🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by


Submitted by Robert Burroughs

First and foremost, Thank You for your four years of selfless service to our country. They had to be the greatest 4yrs. of the past 200+ !! I'm sad to hear about the law suit against your friend Mike Lindell. Just the same as you, he has sacrificed so much to expose the corruption within our government. He has put forward an incredible amount of evidence concerning the election fraud however, I believe there is one 'key' piece of evidence he has missed. This would be the 'question' about 'WHO' issued the orders to shut down the ballot counts in all of the five swing states? If it can be proven that it was someone representing Dominion then this would tie all the other evidence together in one undeniable package. But, absent this evidence I fear the courts will be unable to reach a favorable decision . This evidence should be easy to obtain and must be gathered without delay. Upon closing I wish to Thank You once again for all the effort you have made in making America great for 4yrs. !

Submitted by

Drain the whole darn hole!!

Submitted by

We love you and need you back...thank you for all you did for our country

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump and Melania! Please hurry and SAVE America and bring back !Sanity! We know you can do it and you have God In Your corner! With GOD all things are POSSIBLE! We Love you both!

Submitted by CherieAngel

We MISS YOU So much and I pray for you and your family daily.
THANK-YOU for everything you did and continue to do to make our country FREE, SAFE and GREAT! You will forever be my President and what a joy it was to attend your rally in Topeka, Kansas years ago in your first year in office. I will continue to pray for this great nation and fly my flag proudly!!
From the bottom of my heart please know WE MISS YOU and appreciate all of your amazing accomplishments while you were in office! Bless our most beautiful and smart First lady, Melania and all she has done and continues to do also! God BLESS AMERICA!!!

Submitted by

My name is Ed Knoll I've been hoping that you would be president since 2012 when you first decided to run you did not run in that campaign I knew that you were the best for this country and the first time you did not disappoint me I hope this collection gets turned over to you and you are the true president this time Joe biden is a fake love to you and your family god blessed the USA with all of you

Submitted by

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I have believed in you and prayed you would run for President. I knew when you did you would win and become the greatest President this country's ever had. THANK YOU for all you have given and continue to do for the people of this great country. It breaks my heart to see you and your family have been treated so terribly by those who have. That election was stolen from you like we all know it was. We Need You back Now!!! so badly!!! You truly made this a better place to live and you did make America great again. The Democrats are destroying our country and it really has to be stopped. You are the only person who can stop this destruction. I Love You and pray for God to protect you and your family and make a way for you to be in your rightful position that only you can handle of running and protecting our country, Godspeed!!! Much Love and Prayers and Please hurry back .We really need you and it can't wait!!!🇱🇷🙏❤🙏🇱🇷 Thank you! Donna Romero

Submitted by Donna

As an ex Democrat I am ever so grateful to you for standing up for me and the USA I wish I could bo of more financial help,, but am 83 retired and my SS is getting harder and harder to live on with the inflating prices. I am going to donate $5.00 every month I know it's not much, but if everybody would do that it would be great. Thank you for your steadfastness I pray for you and once again I thank you.
Sincerely with love.
Marilyn Naum

Submitted by Marilyn Naum

Mr President. As the author of APACHE WINDS and THE JADE SKULL I am just one of the little people but if there is a way I can get you to sign one of my books it would be a dream come true.ay you and your family be blessed as you have blessed our nation

Submitted by Danny Jewell

Thank you Sir for continuing to fight for our freedom.
I am 1 American who will fight along with you! I hold you in prayer. God bless you as you fight for all of us.

Submitted by Debra Kelsey

God Bless you and your family
Thank you for all you are doing for all of us.
Keep safe

Submitted by Mark DeBoe

God bless you and your family, stay safe and strong, where one goes we all go

Submitted by

We gave 100.00 a month ago!! We are very disappointed in the Republican Senate for voting for that stupid bill yesterday!! We support you forever though!! love you and your Patriotism!! Love, Jim and Patricia Klukkert From, Goldendale, Washington!!

Submitted by Patricia Klukkert

God bless you president Trump! Can't wait until you are back in the white house.... We love you here in Arkansas...Thank you for loving America ❣️ God bless you and God bless America 🙏🇺🇸❣️..

Submitted by


Submitted by Carl melton

You are my president and you and family are in my prayers 🙏 everyday
You have our hearts 💞
I don't have much but I do have faith in God's warrior 🙏 . I watch all on here and I get papers asking if I believe this or that. But with all the lies and desperation going on out there I don't trust any of them
I pray 🙏 that this is actually going to you and family.
As God 🙏 is saying keep fighting the good fight for he is with you
Be safe and know we stand with Jesus 🙏 and we stand with you
God bless

Submitted by Adina Hipshire

We love and miss you President Trump...we know how hard you worked the 4 years you were in office and can't wait to see you as our President again in 2024...we all know how devastating it was to have waken up that Saturday morning to find out voter fraud we happened to be in Gettysburg that weekend and I couldn't enjoy my self cause of the announcement of Biden as president 😡🤬Just know we the American 🇺🇸 people stand with you...God Bless you and your family 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Sincerely,Linda Hauman Hynes from Irwin hopefully you'll have a rally in our area.

Submitted by Linda Hynes

PLEASE come back, We The People NEED you!!! The world knows you won, the evil socialist radical leftists lied, cheated and stole the 2020 presidential election…WE LOVE YOU!!! Best president in the history of the United States!!!
Tonilynn Trapuzzano

Submitted by Tonilynn

In my lifetime, saying that at age 76 , means
living long enough to experience the greatness of a Patriot President!
JFK and Ronald Reagan were impressive.
Donald J. Trump, for the first two years, had to tackle critical issues by himself.
I prayed from the moment he announced his plans to run for President.
I knew he was going to be great.
I knew he’d be a thorn in the dirty DC political machines side.
I knew he had amazing instincts.
He did!
It was thrilling to salute a President that loved America.
My heart almost burst with Patriotic pride.
His Presidency reminded me of the Patriotism of my parents.
The elders in my family and of my generation.
He loved people to be able to succeed and be rewarded for their hard work,
That’s what America is about.
I’ve always respected our soldiers, our police, our Veterans, teachers( the way they were, and few still are), and as a Christian I knew President Trump was a man for Gods season.

Submitted by

Please come back into office soon! We need you desperately! #TRUMPSUPPORTER

Submitted by

For starters,let me say thank you for the awesome job you’re doing and have been doing since day 1,I got to go to one of your campaign rallies when you were first running for the office of President,you came to Knoxville,Tn to the convention center,but I couldn’t get close enough to shake your hand.
I’m Rick McGhee,a disabled veteran that’s still trying to work and make a decent living for myself,right now I’m an expedite driver driving a cargo van all over this great country of ours,I’m not trying to ignore you when you ask me to donate but things are a bit tight right now.
You can drop me a line at
Rick McGhee
P.O.Box 4533
Maryville,Tn. 37802
Once again,thank you sir for everything you’re doing and continue to do for WE THE PEOPLE and this great country 🇺🇸🦅🗽

Submitted by Rickey McGhee

Thank you Mr. President. Time to put the demo idiots on trail for Bio Treason for allowing all these illegal's to spread throughout our country and putting our lives and our children's lives in danger just to stack the country with Democrat votes . Make America 🇺🇸 Great Again. Put America First from the Texas Border where we have 2000 pounds of trash and feces left by illegal people weekly. We the people support you our President.

Submitted by

Thank you trump for everything you do and did for us we have never had a better president than you. Thank you for being brave enough to fight this all the way. I've always been on your side. You was president for free just like I help people for free I didn't no there was still a lot of us out there that cared this much. O and this was the first time I've ever voted in my life was for you.

Submitted by

To the greatest President this country has ever had. Thank you for all the time, energy, and care you provided, to and for, all the real American Citizens. You gave us hope, happiness, and safety while you served. I was lucky enough to attend the rally in Hickory, N.C. A proud time, l will never forget. True Americans, who love this country, really miss you, and your beautiful family. You did raise some great children. It was also refreshing to have a beautiful First Lady who loves and appreciates the United States. You and your family stood for the goodness and freedoms of this country. You gave us pride again. You gave us happiness again. Please, please back before we TOTALLY become a lost cause. I know you are not the Lord & Savior, but l truly believe God led you to us, to help & make this country great again. You did a wonderful job, as our President, and if anyone can ever possibly turn us back toward the right direction, l think it will have to be you. Thank you so much!!!

Submitted by

We need you back in the White House . Please keep fighting for us. God bless you and your family.

Submitted by

Thanks for all that you have done for America and I just hope that we survive this Biden Presidency. We Love you Mr. Trump!

Submitted by

Thank you Donald Trump for everything you have done and are doing. You are the best president ever. God bless you and your family.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, and I personally want to thank you for giving up the life you had before the life of being the president, I’m sure it was much better. It is very clear to many of us Patriots how much you really love this country and the people of this country, you are a man with a huge heart. I’ve never really been much into politics until you got in the White House and started keeping promises that you made as we all know many others made promises And never kept them, to me personally that says a lot that tells me a lot about what kind of a person you really are, if someone promises me something I expect them to keep it, as I don’t make promises that I know I cannot keep, so for me that was A huge steppingstone, so I thank you for that and I thank you along with every other American patriot for everything that you have done for every promise that you have kept to better this country, God bless you and your family, please hurry back we need you badly!!!

Submitted by Sheriwest

mr. Trump, I want to thank you so very much for loving the United States and its people. But we need help we need to let the American people know that the shot they are in forcing on people is poison. They are trying to mandate it through schools places of employment, and it is nothing but pure poison. It’s not even a legal vaccine but they are calling it that. Please somehow make this known so the American people stop taking this poison.Thank you so very much you are still my president. My name is Shirley Adkins, and I am from Middletown Ohio.

Submitted by

Thank y’all for all the wonderful things you do. Our freedom is important. You made America a great place to live and I m proud of you. Thank you for standing up for USA. The Democrats are very duplicit and are ruining America. You have my support always.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, I pray for you daily, God's annointed warrior. It's His battle we're fighting.

Submitted by Cynthia Barbera

Thank you president trump for not abandoning the American people regardless of what these bleeding heart libs believe you will go down as the greatest president in US history and you will always have my vote.

Submitted by Jimmy walling

Thank you Mr Trump amazing job u are doing we prey for you and you family God Bless and God Bless america

Submitted by

We NEED you back!!!
I want to help save our country-this is our last chance before evil takes over!

Submitted by Linda

I pray you will he back soon. Since you left, our country has completely been destroyed. The people have been consumed with worry and fears, with our last ounce of hope being snatched away from us. Our nation is no longer recognizable and full of tyrants biting at our heels. Freedom is no longer our home and we have become an oppressed people. You are the Moses God has sent to save us and we need you now. It's time to drain this demonic swamp full of stinch and corrupt swamp Neros and Hitlers who are ready to annihilate humanity that doesnt adhere to their vile protocols. Come take Ameica back! Your rightful place as the President of the United States of America for whom we voted . You are the man God chose for this hour. COME MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Patriot of South Carolina, Jane Kennedy

Submitted by Jane Kennedy

Dear mr.trump first and foremost i want to personally thank you for caring about our country
You have inspired many you sir are the flag that waves in glory and freedom
My hope is that a new party will be established in your honor to continue the torch moving forward in your honor..that said i am on board with patriosme of our great country we will all
Keep old glory flyin high and strong ...thanks again mr.president for all your loyalty to our america strong and true in the name of

Submitted by Trump liberty for all

Thank you for the time you were in office. Please help us to get rid of the Marxist Communist sewer DemoRats! Thank you for showing who we should vote out! Please run again and save our great country!

Submitted by

Please take our country back. You were the best thing that ever happened to us. We love and miss you! ❤️❤️❤️THE BUDEN CRUME FAMILYis destroying our country

Submitted by

Thank you,
bless you,
With super natural strength and joy.
Your family is a testimony
of your self.
ive seen,
felt and briefly touched,
the spirit of JESUS when you handed our farmers money.
You protect what we Must at all cost hold sacred.
He sticks closer than a brother.
Takes your through doors designed not to enter.
Takes your mind.
Where he wants it.
Awesome job so far.
Thank YOU.
MR President.

We are Blessed

Submitted by

We are in South Georgia and are huge fans of yours President Trump. We still believe you won Georgia along with the other States. Thank you for continuing to fight for our Country!

Submitted by Cristy Hall


Submitted by

May you and your family be safe in the days to come. The world is trying for you, hope you’re back to where you belong very soon.

Submitted by

Im a small business owner in Tampa,Fl. May the living God of Abraham continue to abundantly bless you and your family President Trump! You speak truth. You are bold. Evil doesnt like those qualities! You use the name of our savior “Jesus”! Im so proud of you!!! I told people you would be President in 2015. Gods not through yet!!! Remain faithful. Remain vigilant and we will be victorious! In Jesus mighty name! God bless the Trumps! And God bless America.

Submitted by David Spence

Indigenous Creek Nation Family here, support you Trump. But not many indigenous people do. We have been fighting Keller ISD about their mascot. It would be nice to see more support for us on the media.

Thank you for what all you stand for and what your doing for America

Madrid Family
Watauga, Texas

Submitted by Madrids

We like to thank you and please run again in 2024 .
We love you

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump and your family for all you did for our Country. My God continue to bless you and your family. You are the best President that our country has had in a long time. I can't wait until 2024. President Trump all the WAY.

Submitted by David Carlson

Hi Mr president keep up the good work, want too see you back as our president, you made a difference in our country, we love you, and we need you back, this country we live in is dieing so keep fighting for us,

Submitted by Vickie masters

Thank you President Trump ..praying things get turned around here real soon before its to late..we need our country back ..we do appreciate all your hard work..Godspeed...❤🇺🇲❤

Submitted by

Thank you for all that you do! I’m from Iowa and we here in
Iowa support you 100%.
I fly a flag by our front door that proclaims “Trump is my President “ and you are!
The election fraud must be exposed totally, so people believe. The fake media must be crushed.
We pray for you and your family to remain strong after all of the attacks thrown at you.
This fake election needs to be overturned. Biden and his administration are destroying our great country!😥
We will keep fighting with you for freedom! Make America Great Again!

Submitted by Mary Ann Reising

Thank You To The Best President in American Hstory. Please Sir Return to the White House soon we the American people know that you won the election and you are greatly missed. And I ask you please come to Chattanooga TN and hold a Rally at the airport so we all can be there it would be an honor to meet you President Trump

Submitted by Kathy R Thomas

Thank you so much for your sacrifice and efforts. I pray for your courage under fire and your resolve to save our freedom, our country, and our lives.

Submitted by Living to Give

Thank you President Trump for all that you do. You are so amazing. God is with you and your family. We both pray for you andyour whole family. We are getting older now and are feeling aches and pains lately. My husband has COPD and I have terrible arthritis. We are always praying for your safety. God love you all andwe are waiting for you to come back. We both voted for you. We are awake and know that you won fair and square. Please come back and make this country great again. We are behind you all the way. Save these poor children and the future generations to come. Bless your hearts and stay strong!

Submitted by

Pres Trump we would like to let u know how much we love u and appreciate all u have done and continue to do u sacrifice ur self abd ur family and we love u and miss u so much I voted for u twice will be with u forever ur the greatest Pres and u motivate me and give us hope for a great future Biden snd dems scare the he’ll out of us there deranged we 😍🛳💋💋🙏🇺🇸Love u thank u

Submitted by

Thank you for being strong and never giving up. We are very supportive and ready for 2022 and 2024 God Bless Your Family. Vote IN Person Voter ID Lets win Mr. President Trump has my Vote again.

Submitted by Mae

I am from Canada. Been awake since the very beginning. I watch you and the Patriots and your great team daily. I know you will succeed in this fight for humanity. God Bless

Submitted by

Mr. President,

On behalf of my family and myself, Thank you for all you have done for the entire world! Your courage is truely to be admired. My prayers go out to you and your family, I know you all have sacrificed so much. You have and are making America and the World a better place for everyone. I just wanted to personally say thank you! All praise to God the almighty for choosing you to be his representative at these trying times. God bless you Mr. President God speed ahead The world is behind you and supports you til the end! We love you!

Boyd J. Adams

Submitted by Boyd Adams


Submitted by Debbie Hunter

Thank you President Trump for all you have done for our country. We really appreciate you and God bless you and your family. We need your leadership and by the grace of our lord and savior Jesus Christ you will be back soon. Love you President Trump.

Submitted by

Thank you president trump for keeping America great

Submitted by Taylor

We need you back as President Trump! 🙏

Submitted by Beth Mills

Mr. PRESIDENT Please be on your knees praying along side of so many of us that love you. I as well as so many other AMERICANS praise God for you and pray for your return. Please please come before the throne of grace along with WE THE PEOPLE. GOD'S SPEED. WE LOVE YOU.

Submitted by Mrs. Martha Mascolo

YOU ARE THE CHOSEN , TO LEAD THIS NATION don’t give up, stay strong we are all behind you, & along side you ! We will fight like hell to SAVE OUR COUNTRY, MR PRESIDENT!

Submitted by

I could never express my gratitude for what you & your beautiful family have sacrificed for our great country. We stand with you 200%. See you back in the White House soon. God is good all the time!!! And I know He had your back as you fight this war against evil. Pray for you daily! 🙏🇺🇸

Submitted by Margie Berry

Your Supported from Canada. Thank you for defending Freedom and Liberty.
More and More folks are Waking Up each day. Please Don’t Stop. Never Give Up. God Bless You

Submitted by

God bless you President Trump! The people of USA love you... we KNOW you won!!! See you in 2024, hopefully sooner!!!❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank You.

Submitted by Ashleigh

Thank mr. president!🇺🇸🇺🇸. Prayers for all the children your saving!🙏🙏🙏. Wish I could do more to help.

Submitted by

Thank you

Submitted by

God Bless you and your family. I miss you very much. Please Hurry and come back. I am afraid if you don't come back soon, there will be nothing left. My heart goes out to you. God bless our military. My son is a marine veteran and came home from Iraq with five percent hearing in one ear. His mind still has problems. He is getting better. I thank God for you.

Submitted by Massimiani

Thanks President Trump.
You are my president.

Submitted by

Thank you President Donald J Trump you will always be our President. ❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🙏❤️🙏 I miss you very much. Prayers for you and your family.

Submitted by


Submitted by

From the beginning I was on your side. Thanks for your fight for America. God bless you

Submitted by

Thank you pres Trump
We are watching the trump train in South Dakota
Just want you to know we are with you 100% We need you back ASAP
We cant take much more of
Biden He is ruining out country
Im 80 and cannot donate
But you have our votes
God bless you and God
Bless America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sandra Wickstrom
Loyal supporter

Sent from my iPhone

Submitted by Sandra wickstron

Thank you Mr president for keeping the faith. Praying you will be reinstated soon we need you and love you and are behind you 100% we can make this happen 🙏

Submitted by Tom newman

Thank you President Trump for fighting for our freedoms and for the United States of America!

Thank you for following the Lord to reveal all of the corruption and wickedness that our country is in!

If it wasn’t for you there would not be a United States! It would have already been given to the Chinese.

May the Lord Bless you and keep you safe!

Submitted by

We are here, President Trump. Thank You for not giving up on us and for keeping it real.

Submitted by

Thank you for everything you’ve done and everything your trying to do.

Submitted by

Hey mr. President This michale Hall from Kentucky and I was in office my self while you where in sir I’m also running for another office plus supporting you along the way! Please reach back out to my if you could Email is mikeHall Thanks sir was need to talk to you bout the election and M.Hall

Submitted by

We will be voting for you again in 2024. Thank you, sir for Staying the course! I'm a staunch supporter!! Although I AM FINANCIALLY CHALLENGED, I contributed to ypur Last campaign, & while my spouse was informed in November, I bought my family's Christmas presents @ the Hamilton County GOP, in Chattanooga. We love you, sir & Godspeed!

Rhonda Joseph
Dalton, GA

Submitted by Rhonda Joseph

Please save us!! You are sooooo very TRUSTED, LOVED, ADMIRED!! DEFINITELY send why our GOD❤❤❤

Submitted by

President Trump, ty for ehat you did before. Hoping you return soon.
Hope the GCR happen soon. We need a honest man back in office to stay. America needs you.
Says Vietnam Vet Sgt.
Ed Blais
Infantry/ recon
Spring tx
I give when I can to help dont be mad if its not much.
Pastor Ed Blais

Submitted by Ed Blais

Thank you for everything that you and your family has done for us and continue to do for us y’all are very awesome I will always be thankful for you and your family I just hope one day that I get to meet you and thank you in person for what you have done for the hole world not just the USA thank you and god bless you and your family I love y’all

Submitted by

THEY TOOK MY RIGHTS,& MONIES & IDINTY..DECADES AGO! GOD .Has a purpose, I know" God, the Holy Spirit , as , shown , me some , things, in my own,records, plus I have persons to supremo""as well. I have a check from SOSA LLC CO. WY, IT WAS HEADED, TO NY, TO B.O.A. ITS STRANGE , IT CAME TO ME, A COMMON, PERSONS; D.J.T. GOV"NT

Submitted by

Thanks, we stand with you always Bair family

Submitted by

Thank you Mr. President for your steadfast love and patriotism. Please know that the people are with you. Most importantly, GOD Himself is with you. GOD bless you and your family.

Submitted by

Trump we need you back !!!

Submitted by

To all the Trump family, we love you all so much and are great full for that we can count on you and the Lord . We don't have alot of money and a lot of repairs in our home , you are coming to Alabama and I pray to God we can figure out to come and meet you there 🇺🇲💕 , we are standing with you all the way , and the USA 🇺🇲 sincerely Carmen and Donnie Millsap / Rivers

Submitted by

Thank You President Trump and Trump Family !!! God Bless 💗

Submitted by Tresa

God bless you President Trump, can’t wait until you are back in the White House saving America from all the evil that has been going on🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

I just like to say thank you for everything you have done for this country we're really hoping that you run again for president in 2024 we need you you have done a lot for this country you made promises and you kept your promises not many presidents have done that for us I just like to say thank you and God bless you and your family and God bless America 🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you for everything you have done and do for Americans. We know you won and God is on your side. Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family. WV loves President Trump!🙏🇺🇲 Gloria

Submitted by

Thank you for being the Greatest President! We all know what happened Nov 3rd! We’re with you always! There are so many Trumpets out here. I’m not sure you really understand how important you are to us! We won’t ever give up~just like you won’t!! God bless USA and God Bless you!!

Submitted by

Trump forever

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, Please come back SOON!! We love and support you and need you back in the WHITE HOUSE!We can't let the DEMONcrats take away and destroy the UNITED STATES AS WE KNOW AND LOVE! We the patriots are waiting with open arms! We love you President Trump..The American people are behind you all the way and have never turned our backs on you! You are our President and you always were.!!Thank you for everything you do to make AMERICAN GREAT!!! WE are all anxiously waiting your return! This is scary times for everyone.We have faith and trust in you that you will make America even GREATER!!Thank you to all the patriots that are helping and spreading g the truth of what is really going on right now!!Please come back soon!!

Submitted by

Thanks for everything your fighting for and we love u from iowa

Submitted by

Many thanks to you, President Trump. We love you and cannot wait to help you make America Great Again! You are the best!

Submitted by

🦅🇺🇸 Thank You President Trump…We Know You Won!!!

Submitted by Dianna DiMare

Dear Mr. Trump,
I Thank You and all who are fighting behind the scenes……May God continue to bless each of you for many generations to come!!!! Thank you all for fighting for me and my family!! Pass a hand shake and hug to all involved from myself and my family!!! My dad was in the Marine’s and has the motto says Semper Fi with respect and great fullness I proudly voted twice for you and I’ll keep voting for any Trump who runs….maybe sometime in my life time I will be able to see a real woman President Ivonka….
Please know that I pray every night and threw out the day for who are fighting this battle! And just a idea but can you sue apple for installing a spy application on devices…that should on be a app on a pedophiles phone not on the law abiding citizens it’s invasion of privacy…sign me up for that suet…Again God bless each and all who are fighting for the small people who can’t fight literally,but can pray and express my gratitude for each !
Vicki Myers

Submitted by

THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! ....Waiting patiently for your return. We need you back more now than ever!...SAVE AMERICA AGAIN!

Submitted by

Thank you Mr Trump. I sent you picture of a sunset. This reminds me of all my brother and sisters gave there all for our country. I didn't really understand at first what you was doing. I may only know a little what your doing. You and your team did so much. I have 100 per cent faith in you and your team Sir. Yes I served my country in the Marie's and in the army. If I could I would love to serve for the greatest commander in chief. Kick some evil people butt. Thank you so so much. God bless you and all people around you. GREAT JOB

Submitted by

Awesome Trump Train Video on Facebook in Sturgeous. Thank you President Trump, we need you back ASAP.

Submitted by

Mr. P. I truly believe you are God's instrument to save our 🇺🇲. I am clinging to that hope. You, your team, your faithful and most importantly your family are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.
My husband would not miss a televised appearance or speech of yours. Ever... He went HOME on 02/23/21 from THE CHINA VIRUS complications. I pray that I will live long enough to see the triumph over evil that I believe God has designed you for,, through my eyes for him.
May God continue to give you the power and strength to endure the evils of this world and to bless you and keep you safe.
🇺🇲Thank you Sir🇺🇲
Brenda Davis

Submitted by Brenda Davis

Dear President n family. I want to thank U for taking a stand in such oppressive times of internal attacks on our Country n its foundational beliefs. I n many, who elected U twice, soooo appreciate Your commitment to these things as we R lied to and criticized for our beliefs by such a group of " tolerant "opponents"! They tolerate Nothing but support. It's like Germany 1930z! Now people know how Hitler too over Germany, the children, n then Europe. Know there is the majority of people who support U! It is only the Strongholds of brainwashed cities who make all the racket. But. Prayer, by seeking the Creator- Redeemer God, is Our Hope, as we take our individual stand on a daily basis for truth n By His Truth. Please do spend time doing that as did many of our founders, for decades! Sincerely, Roger Loomis!

Submitted by Historical Roger

Dear Mr. President, Our country needs you more than ever. We need to finish draining the swamp, and Clean up the Republican party, get rid of those liberals in our party, and make or party 100% Conservative. Thank you Sir for all you do.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump. We support and believe in you to make USA great again!!!

Submitted by

Dear Mr President Trump,

I want to say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart for giving up your beautiful and wonderful lifestyle to become the “BEST” President EVER in the history of our country!
It brings a tear to my eyes that you had to put up so much abuse but Our Lord will right the wrong. God chose you for this time and WILL put you back in office. My heart goes out to you for ALL the pain and suffering you had to deal with. To think that I was once a democrat…I’m embarrassed and ashamed! God bless you and your BEAUTIFUL family. On behalf of all the patriots of this great nation YOU ARE TRULY MISSED AND LOVED.

Christine Wade

Submitted by

Mr. President, hang in there, the Herman family, my town, my County, my State, my Country and the World love you Sir.

Submitted by Stephen Herman

Hi Mr . President I wanted to I can't donate at this time because I in Social Security Disability. I might be able next month. I really sorry because I want to give. Thanks again and God Bless you and you Family.

Submitted by Karen Winters

Thank you President Trump for you have done for country.. You are great man and you didn't desire all the bullies in Washington. I hope your family well. Our granddaughters share the same first name Carolina. My Carolina was born Jan 7,2020. I think your Carolina is a little older. When I heard your son Eric and wife say they were naming there daughter Carolina. I thought what great story to tell my granddaughter. America loves and needs you Mr President. I think you are the great President we ever had. I don't think everyone understands what you and family had to give up for us. I pray that Mike Lindell can get Biden out of office. It's scares me to death with all these illegals coming over the border and my daughter live alone in Watertown MA. She does cancer research she has a PHD. I wish she would kidney disease see I'm in stage 5 kidney failure I need another kidney. So don't know how long I will be here. I have grandson in Nov. 21 God Bless The Trump Family.
Karen Winters NC

Submitted by Karen Winters

Thank you President Trump for loving America and its people. For the sacrifices made and being made by yourself, your team and your Family. May GOD continue to Bless you all and the U.S.A.

Charles Martin

Submitted by

Hello President Trump and your lovely family, we all can't wait for you to be back in office this year 2021. All the Audits they are doing is showing that you won, which we all knew that already and I can't wait till the biden administration is kicked out on their tails and sent to prison for committing Treason and everything they have done to us with the planned covid attack and all the people that died from it plus all the people dying from the vaccine too. I'm so happy that you are still fighting for us. I pray for the truth to be reveal which is happening now. If biden doesn't leave then just pull him out by his ears and hair and throw him out in the streets with the worst vp in history. She has no clue and biden can't even remember anything. The lied and cheated and we are sick of them. Thank you again President Trump. We all love you for everything you are doing. Make America Great again. You did a spectacular job. Your the best President in history. We all miss you so so so much

Submitted by Peggy wood

Praying for you, President Trump. Praying for our country to return to fighting for our Republic. May this also be the will of God.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump, I just wanted you to know that because of your Patriotism I left the Democratic Party and I am officially a Proud Republican. I am very excited to be part of the Latinos for TRUMP.
Also I would like you know that in the Latin Countries you are now known as “The Titan of America”
May God Blessed You and your family🙏

Submitted by

I hope and pray the Supreme Court hears the voting fraud and re-instates you as President! You will have a lot of work to do to change back and void all of Biden's mistakes and failures. All your millions of patriots will be praying this all works out. If it doesn't, this country will soon be ruined. I think George Soros and China are giving all the news media and Democrats in the House and Senate lots of money to keep quiet. If these "woke" people do not like our free society, they should just move to a Communist country. If they lived there for a while, I think they would quickly appreciate the USA. Biden and the swamp DO NOT CARE for the people. In fact, it has been so much worse than I thought it might be. How about the Cuban people? They need our help! You are the greatest president we EVER had! I am praying for you and our country! This should go down on history as the biggest fraud ever committed. Thank You President Trump for being here for us! We really need you!

Submitted by Olivia

Thank You President Trump for exposing the corruption in our Government. We are just normal every day working people who love our country and try to do what’s right. It has allowed us to have our eyes open and fight against the evil that is against us for the future of our children and grandchildren. I will not stop fighting for them until my last breath. Thank you for fighting for us! We need you back ASAP 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Patriots From Ohio,
Dana and Jim Kinsey

Submitted by Dana Kinsey

President Trump, thank you for all you’ve done for us! I am praying that you’ll be back, very soon.
God bless and protect you and your family!! I continue praying for you and our country, every day. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for fighting for us! Many of us are worried right now. We need you back soon!

Submitted by

Thank you, President Donald John Trump for all you did and are doing for our USA. You anointed of God and you will be back in the White House very soon. God has more for you to do. You are my president, not the jackal that is falsely presiding at this moment. Your supporters are praying fir you and your quick return to your rightful place in the White House. God bless and keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you and your family His peace.
A loyal supporter from Kerrville, Texas, C Alexander

Submitted by

Thank you from central Kansas, the heart of America, for turning this country around the way it should be. Such blessings! We know you won the election and need to be in office again. This current bogus president is ruining our country and it should not be!!! Still for our constitution, our bill of rights and freedoms. Still for you! Those of us who know the truth need to mobilize for good. Keeping on praying for divine wisdom for you as you go forward. Keep God in the forefront. Many youth are coming to Christ and turning away from evil lies. God is moving in our land...keep in step with Him. Good bless. You have been the greatest leader we have had of late. What we have now is a sham! Trump! Trump! Trump!

Submitted by Tanya

Thank you, Mr. President, for caring enough about our country to expose the lies and corruption that has been occurring for many years. Please don't ever stop trying to make America great. I pray for you and all that are trying to do good. May God bless you and your family!

Submitted by

I just want to say thank you for being a wonderful president you are the best we ever had we miss you and we love our country like you said it is on the principles of all mighty God we need you it was 4 great years when you were in office . We know you won we love u hurry back soon we the people need you.

Submitted by

Thank you so very much President Trump for caring about us small people here who make up America. We all miss you so very much and hope that you can get back in office as soon as possible. We know the election was stolen from you and I am so looking forward to the 10th, 11th, 12th of August when Mike Lindel presents his evidence to the world! Thank you to my favorite all-time beloved president!

Submitted by Kelly Beckett

Above, ready for my grandson’s wedding.
Thank you President Trump for standing up for your people. I miss you as our leader. I as am so sorry for all of the garbage you had to put up with. You are loved. Thank you for all you did. Looking forward to better days.

Submitted by Rebecca Storey

Thank you for everything you have gone through to save our beautiful country. You are the best president of my life time. I felt like it was heaven everything was so good. By the wonderful grace of God it will be that way again. I have never had a doubt you would do what you said. God bless you always we love you. Thank God for you. Amen!

Submitted by Nancy S

Thank you Mr president GOD speed to provide protection from Evil , to you an you family

Submitted by

Dear President Trump I would just like to say Thank You for all that u r doing to save our great country and the American people. U r truly the Best President Ever. I pray for u, your family and for everyone who is working with u to take out these evil people who want to destroy our great country. God Bless You.

Submitted by

From the bottom of my heart thank you Mister President Trump. Coming from a country, Mexico, that the government has taken away human rights and the system is broken. I fall in love with the United States 🇺🇸. Never have been involved neither informed about politics until I heard and for a little while believe all the lies the media and so many people were say about you. I thank God that allow me to live the 4 years of your presidency. I never in my most wild dreams imagine that I would lived the same corruptions that I lived in my third world corrupt country. I want you to know that we, the true Americans know that you are the real elected president. I know you know it but heard it from the American people it is what you appreciate. The more I heard them talking so so bad about you the more I got really informed and I became your true follower. I have talked to many people in my family and I have showed them how much you truly care for America and many of them have become your followe.

Submitted by

Thank you for your dedication and love toward the United States and it's people. We need you back NOW as Biden is taking us down the Communism path. We can't handle any more of his tax hikes, inflation and gas prices. We ,as Senior Citizens, cannot afford this!!! Please help us!!!! Those who are corrupt need to face the consequences and be sent to Prison and nothing is getting done. All we have heard for months is just talk and Nobody is being held responsible. The Coronovirus lies need to end and Fauchi needs to go to Prison. Enough is enough!! People are sick of the lies and just want to go on living their lives. We need to make the United States Great again!!!! Thank you for all that you do and we are counting on you to come back very soon!!!!

Submitted by

Please hurry and get our country back before we lose it. Thank you for all you do. I pray for safety for you and your family.

Submitted by Jeremy

Thank God for you Pres.Trump I am so grateful to be on this planet to experience a true man standing it for God and country and your family we all love you from Ojai California God bless you keep fighting the good fight

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for everything you do. We are anxiously waiting your return. You are still our President in many peoples eyes and hearts and we all love you and your family. My eight year old daughter tells everyone that "President Trump will be back". You have 100% of our families support. We stand behind you. Thank you for fighting for We the People.

Submitted by Melissa Frame

Thank you for standing by We the People love you I support you 100% you are loved by so many people God Bless you.

Submitted by

President Trump, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for every promise you made and kept.My hearth is with you on the beginning and forever. God is a good and loving God, and chose you. I pray for you and family and can not hardly wait till your back. God bless you!

Submitted by Carol cook

AMERICA NEEDS YOU Donald J. Trump BEST POTUS since Reagan!!
We are a mess right now with all these democrats agendas they are getting away with! GOD appointed YOU to be our President!! They stole it from you but they WON'T get away with it... In the end GOOD and TRUTH will prevail!
Love you President Trump
GOD BLESS YOU and your Family! See ya soon?😁
Deanna Austin from Ohio

Submitted by Deanna Austin

Thank you for staying with us..we realize this task for you is a challenge that you you, Sir are the chosen one to free us..God is Great. We are Patriot Streetfighters and spread the world of wakening up .. we pray for peace and safety for your family..we are all family. We support you and know you will make it known, you are our President..the swamp draining has been really deep. Unreal how we were brainwashed .. so with that being said, Go Trump ❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲 .. We Love and Believe in YOU.

Submitted by


Submitted by Lori Berger

Thank you President Trump for your sacrifice for our country our prayers go out for you and your family's safety!! The liberals must be destroyed with in our country with there evil liberal policies! Liberals are lying weak evil coward devil worshippers! GOD has exposed them and when your back in office you will be free to make this country so great again that the rest of the evil world will be exposed and jealous of our wonderful free country! We the people will take back our country peacefully!! We will bring first GOD back to this country! GOD will bless us like never before!! These evil politicians must be punished for there treason against this great nation!! Mr. You are our God sent mouth piece for the constitution that God helped write! We Veterans have your back when you need us!! I remember when you came down those stairs to run for President I said thank you lord!! My friends and family laughed at me but now they cry for you to come back!! With God's help we the people win!!

Submitted by James Fleck

Thank you President Trump. We support to an East Los Angeles

Submitted by

Thank you for loving us and America like you do, and we LOVE your right back. Now please come back ASAP we desperately need you NOW before Joe and all the crooked Congress destroy our Country. Get Obama A$$ too.

We Love You
Best President Ever!

Oh I need a New MAGA
Hat an up to date one TY
In advance. Lol

Melanie Pickern
1819 Cordova Circle West
Lakeland G
Fl 33801

Submitted by Melanie Pickern

President Trump.. U R the Best President ever in my Life time!! U R still Our President and I know U will be coming back soon!! There hasn’t been a Doubt in my mind cuz I BELIEVE in the One and Only Son of God JESUS CHRIST!! Can hardly Wait til the Great Awakening next week in Sioux Falls SD, with all the Fraudulent things that went on in our 2020 Election!!! PTL

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump when you where in office life was calm (for me not you) I was at peace the world was good. Didn’t think much about politics you where there protecting us. Now I cannot begin to tell you how at unrest it is. The world is divided And every day I worry for my grandchildren. This communist White House is scary. Please help us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Praying for you be safe and healthy.

Submitted by

My beloved President . I want to thank you for all you have done and will do. I am so disheartened for what these evil men and women have done to try to hurt you and your family. I know God appointed and anointed you for this job. I’m counting the days till your soon return , I believe it will be this year. God presence and protection upon you and your family. Love and blessings! Rose Camilleri

Submitted by

We (my Family all miss you very much) and can't wait for you to be president again...we know you Won this election!!! Sending you love and prayers to you and your family! We live on longisland and we have many supporters and patriots out here! Keep up the great work God Bless 🙏 🙌 👏 👍 ❤ 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Submitted by Connie Vacirca

God bless you President Trump were trying to tell all of us. Through everything you are not like any other President. You felt like you stood alone but we were all with you. Please hurry back we all need you.

Submitted by Paulette Gilger

Dear President Trump (our truly elected Commander in Chief of the USA
There’s not enough words to say thank you for leading the fight to get our country back. GOD could not have chosen a better leader than you. You are the light at the end of this dangerous & scary journey we are on. GOD is guiding you all the way. Your gaining new supporters everyday. That is a true sign of great leadership. We The People are ready & waiting for your return SOON!

A grateful & devoted Patriot


Submitted by

Thank you PresidentTrump. We need you in office. They are killing our beautiful country. Also our citizens that don't need to be vaccinated. It's not good it is a slow killer . And know they want a buster shot every six months. No way.
Thank you and good bless. I pray your back in office in 2021. Make it to Wisconsin I'm just a small town guy but would be honored to have you stop in for a cook out.
Once again we need you in office to help open the eyes of others, plus the truth.

Submitted by Scott Richard Larson

President Trump you were re-elected on November 3, 2020! "...that government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, shall not perish from the earth," spoken by President Lincoln. This clean up of corruption has long been overdue. "In God We Trust" has been our national motto. Originally approved by Congress in 1861. "It was felt God’s protection needed to be recognized during this difficult time for the nation." But the power of that motto is about to come forth as you are reinstated in your 2nd term as President of the United States in 2021. We the PEOPLE will not be cheated, robbed or denied what actually took place on November 3, 2020. "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, But we will remember and trust in the name of the LORD our God." Psalm 20:7 Nations will see the mighty hand of God restore what was stolen from Americans on November 3, 2020. "Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,". Says the Lord of hosts." Zech. 4:6

Submitted by Teresa Martinelli Patterson

You are the best President the USA has ever have thank you so much hope you get back in office and Make America Great Again wishing you and your family the very best God Bless You

Submitted by Billie Applegate

Thank you, miss you! Come back soon!

Submitted by Dcw

Thank you soooo much for standing up for our country and for WE THE PEOPLE. You are brave, you are strong and i know the good Lord is behind you. Thank You!! We love you!! Thank You!! I cant wait till the 'Best is yet to come'. My cousin Judy was a Truth supporter and a real naturalist, but cancer got her still. We were hopeing med beds would have came sooner, but we just had her funeral yesterday. She was like a sister to me. We were both diagnosed with breast cancer. She chose a natural pathic way. It didn't work. I chose the doctor's instructions chemo, radiation, and surgery, double mastectomy no reconstruction and total hysterectomy. Im still here. I kinda feel bad that i am. She should be here too! I stopped taking meds to block estrogen cuz they cause so much pain. I just hope the cancer doesn't come back and the med beds come soon. Im praying. Thank You Mr President.
With much love n support
Chris Hansen
Taunton MN

Submitted by Chris Hansen

We love you President Trump. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for standing up for America and putting America first. May God bless you richly and keep you and your family safe. Naomi

Submitted by

I want to Thank You from the bottom of my heart . You are the best president this country has ever had . I really hope you come back . If you don’t this country gonna go to hell . It already starting to . I really look up to you . God bless you . I am sorry everything you have had to go through. Stay safe and strong I know you will be back to make America great again!!!

Submitted by Tonya Russ

Dear President Trump,
I'm so sorry for they way you've been treated but I believe your faith, strength & love for our country will lead us away from evil that is trying to take our country. I believe in you sir....
Thank you so much for your dedication. There are so many of us that support you....our voices are getting louder, the lions are waking...please hear us roar!
God bless our great country...

Submitted by Patriot forever!


Submitted by

Hello President Trump! Sending love and prayers from Iowa 🙏❤ I know God has chosen you to lead us and keep us safe! I'm honored you are still my President and am so very grateful that you continue to fight for the American people daily! Thank you Sir! Please come back soon! 🥰

Submitted by Lisa Johnson

Thank you President for all you do for America and the people. We the people have your back and love you.

Submitted by

If you don't get back soon America's going to DIE

Submitted by

Hi President Trump!
You have been the Best President ever and we Miss you so Much! I hope you will be our President again real soon! Our Country is such a Mess and we need you so bad! We all Love ❤️ You!! ♥️🤗♥️🤗♥️♥️

Submitted by Josephine

Thank you for all you & the Alliance are doing!! BUT THIS MUST STOP NOW!! WE THE PEOPKE ARE PAWNS IN THIS MOVIE AND ITS TIME TO ROLL THE CREDITS!!!! Innocents are dying..😢🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you Trump, we appreciate all you have, and are currently doing. God Bless

Submitted by

It's time to take back America we got your back let's do it god bless you and your family 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

Supported you since day 1 and love you even more now. Keep fighting for us. See you back this month. Thank god!!

Submitted by

President Trump I’m sure you’ve heard everything from all the Americans that have wrote to you but insignificant me is just a working man living in Piedmont South Carolina just wants to say thank you for putting all of our faith in our love and our hope back to this nation We know you won the last election and I hope there’s a plan in place if you need us we are here for you thank you my president
From Donald Anderson. PS I’ll Donald’s are good looking anyway

Submitted by Donho

Thank you God for blessing our great country with President Trump! Please continue to lead him and others alike. President Trump I thank you for standing up against the wickedness and snares of those who are corrupt. Please continue to fight for us, and most importantly, thank you for being being pro life and pro American! Please allow God to continue to lead you in exposing the corruption in this country! Please MAGA!!

Submitted by Kjg

Thank you for all you have done. Really need you back in the White House

Submitted by

Hello President Trump
Praying God Moves soon
We're in Campbell County Wyoming

We are waiting to see if we should vote for Chuck Gray or who to replace lizard Cheney

Also my son and I are standing on our values running a pac against Tax increase here in our County. And we're running for the Board of Trustees incase it passes.

We're praying the tax fails and then My son will run for. COUNTY commissioner here in Gillette WY
God Bless you and keep you and your family

Kimberly Glass Dalby
Son Ranch

Submitted by Kimberly Glass Dalby

Can’t say THANK YOU enough for what you have done and endured throughout your entire campaign and after you beat ole Hillary! They have thrown EVERYTHING at you and you’ve not backed down or faltered from fighting for this great nation! Can’t wait for your amazing return and it still gives this Mimi hope for my Grandchildren!! Keep up the good fight and I’ll keep my Trump signs and flags up til I die! You have been the greatest leader of the free world in my lifetime and for that I’ll be FOREVER GRATEFUL!! Love from one of your “WOMEN FOR TRUMP”! Been a Trump girl from the beginning!! ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

Submitted by

Dear Mr. President, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you we love you and pray for you every day. I know we are waiting for people to wake up, yet this is so scary watch our country being torn to shreds. We need you back Mr. President we need your strength and faith that we continue to hang by knowing God has a plan. You are his plan. We know you were right about the evil Never realizing how much evil does exist. Please come back soon so we can continue your plan. Please and bring the military because we will definitely need them to help clean up and to protect what is rightfully ours, we the people.. I pray that God stand beside you and protects and keeps you safe,while we pray for your return and America Great return ❤️🙏❤️🙏

Submitted by Beth Lindsay

Thank You Mr President Can’t Wait Till Your Back In Office You Have Done So Much For Our Country Biden Has Lost It He’s Destroying What You Had Built God Bless You And America

Submitted by

Thanks goes out to All that stands up for & with TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOTS 💖 God Bless PresT, T Family & every single one who fights for America & Gods Little Angels. God - Country & Trump 💖

Submitted by Ree

President Trump you are the best president since JFK. You are fearless. I pray Gods protects you and your family. Thank you for loving our country and fighting for all. BUT always remember it is God who put you in office. It is God who guided your way. Always keep him first. And could I humbly ask …to please keep the cursing a little less. I love you same and so does God. But remember God can hear and see you even when no one else can. I pray you read this and contemplate on it. Godspeed. We know you won… besides what the democrats are doing my GREATEST concern is the children, I write this with tears running down my face. God bless you and your family and put a hedge of protection around you all. Love you Mr. President.
Kathy Bardini I’m in corrupt NY.

Submitted by Kathy


Submitted by David P. Lewing

Thank you Mr. President Trump for all you have done and have endured. I would also like to thank your family. I know it would make your life a whole lot easier to not put up with all the hatred you and your family have to put up with we need you in a Bad Way, Biden and his team are destroying United States enough fast rapid way. Please help California this beautiful state is being destroyed by the left help us. Praying for you and your family

Submitted by

We support Donald Trump! 2021

Submitted by

Impeach 46 and everyone that helped him cheat in the election lock them up. Keep up the audits they’ve been doing this for decades. They are scared because they are about to get caught. If not why block the audits? If the had nothing to hid they would be glad you are doing them. (To prove you wrong)Thank you for everything you’ve done. Keep up the good work. Trump 2024

Submitted by

I just want to tell you that I was Democrat before Obama then I didn’t vote at all until you came along and I change sides because I no longer agree with the Democrat party. You are such an amazing person an I will always Vote for you or whoever you may suggest as I believe you truly have the people’s best interest ❣️ So thank you very much and God bless you and your family always . I only have a small amount of money an donate to you whatever I can an though it’s not much I hope it’s ok..And please hurry back as we all miss you❣️❣️❣️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Karen Smith

Thank You to Our Greatest President, Ever. This Country is in a Mess, right now, but you Already KNOW that. We NEED you back, ASAP.


Submitted by

I just want to tell you that I was Democrat before Obama then I didn’t vote at all until you came along and I change sides because I no longer agree with the Democrat party. You are such an amazing person an I will always Vote for you or whoever you may suggest as I believe you truly have the people’s best interest ❣️ So thank you very much and God bless you and your family always . And please hurry back as we all miss you❣️❣️❣️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

President Trump & First Lady Malania,
We want to thank you for never stop fighting for us.
We are facing global crisis like we've never seen before, but we believe in our mighty God that he will reveal the faces of evil soon.
As a LEGAL immigrant I'm sadden to see of what's going on at our borders that you fought so hard to protect, and all the children that are being sold and trafficked, and in the mean time my friend from my country THAILAND applied for a tourist visa to come to her son who's marrying my niece's wedding was DENIED by US embassy, that is shameful to our country to tell the world that if you come ILLEGALLY it's ok, but if you do it the LEGAL way we will not let you in, I've been in this country since 1976 and I could say for the first time I am ashamed of this country.
President Trump you will always have mine and my husband's support 1000%
Thank you sir and May God continue to protect you and your lovely family 🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸
TRUMP 2021🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Kak

I just want to tell you that I was Democrat before Obama then I didn’t vote at all until you came along and I change sides because I no longer agree with the Democrat party. You are such an amazing person an I will always Vote for you or whoever you may suggest as I believe you truly have the people’s best interest ❣️ So thank you very much and God bless you and your family always ❣️❣️❣️✝️✝️✝️🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank You for believing in our country....

Submitted by Linda G

Thank you Mr President for all you have done. We need you back. Our prayers are with you. I sure hope you have something planned that will stop this corruption and be able to make America strong again! But hurry up before it’s too late.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, I just want to thank you for all you have done for our country. Your dedication and love for our country and it's people were always your top priority. Your knowledge and experience in business were very important assets that you put together the greatest economy in many years. Energy independent and no wars will always be your legacy. I 🙏 for you and your family. I pray that you will again soon be seated in the oval office where you belong. We all know you won the election! The truth will come out and I hope that you will have your I told you so moment!!! I am very grateful for your service. Love and hugs, Shirley Idzik

Submitted by

Thank you. I am a proud Mississippian and we understand the sacrifice you make for our country. We also understand your NY personality, and we LOVE our " Damned Yankee". God bless you.

Submitted by

Mr President you have done some pretty amazing things for our country .And the world damn shame what’s happening now.Keep up the fight you have millions of behind you God bless you and the United States Of America

Submitted by Ray Tierney

Thank you for putting America first.

Submitted by

Please hurry back before we lose our country that you make great again. Thank you for standing up for us and now it's time for us to stand up for you and our freedoms. God chose you for a reason. We can't wait 1 more month let alone 4 more years. Thank you for your truth and honesty that no other President has ever had. I always thought our country should be run by a businessman. I know in my heart that you won! You are still my President! America 🇺🇸 is defenseless without you!

Submitted by

I just wanted to let you know that myself and a lot of good people are I know and Wayne county West Virginia are right behind you all the way

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, I want to Thank you for all you did to make Anerica great again . I know things are bad now but I have all the faith in the world that you are coming back to fix the bad things that were done by the left. We need you back so you can make America great again .My Husband and I Love you with all our Heart .Thank You and we miss you DaleAnd Holly

Submitted by Dale And Holly Bolich

Thank you Pres Trump for saving our nation from Communism and terrorist. We will forever be grateful for you, your beautiful wife Melania and your children. You are America strong in our land by your wisdom and might, both gifts from God. We raise our Bible to God combined with our heart for you, the greatest President of ALL time. We stand with you and we cheer you on. All praise and power to our Soveran God who leads the way to our deliverance as big as Moses and the Israelites at the Red Sea. For He has saved us once again. May we be wiser and more dedicated to living a righteous life thats pleasing to God who sheds his favor upon our Nation. Special blessings upon you and yours for ever. Oh yes, praying your image is carved on Mt Rushmore to forever stand with the greatest of the greats.

Submitted by Joyce Thompson

President Trump
I pray for you and your family, the people whom are working with you. To expose the evil that is taking our freedom I pray for Gods will be done! In Jesus name I pray!
Thank you so much for exposing this. For hearing the voice of our Father in Heaven. Let the truth rain! Hallelujah to our Lord Jesus!

Thank you so much!


KarenIvy Hoglen

Submitted by

Good morning my favorite President in my lifetime I hope you read these messages I've been following you and donating to you not to the complete Republican party because I don't trust them but you were the star the best president that America has seen please please help us take America back again it's really scary out there President Trump they're bringing in all these illegals just so they can turn blue states red that's why they're shipping him like they're doing I love you and God bless you. Please take your rightful place back in the presidency you need to save America we all need to stand up and save America this is insane what the demon Kratts are doing I'm tired of it I'm fed up and it makes me cry it's getting me depressed President Trump please come back to your rightful place

Submitted by Donna

Thank you President Trump and all the bikers and all involved in fighting for Our Rights and I am so happy that these audits are showing the truth that President Trump won the 2020 Elections by a huge landslide. I can't wait till the biden administration is all kicked out and put in prison for all they have done to us and our country. I pray everyday and before bed that the truth is reveal and that Our President Trump back in the White House where he belongs. The biden criminal family and all the rest of them that caused all the chaos are put in prison for life for committing Treason and the rest of the charges for everything they have done and still doing. Again, I Thank every single person that is fighting for us. President Trump is the best President we have ever had and can't wait to see him back in the White House this year. Amen

Submitted by

Thank you Mr Trump for all you done for our country, from Joe and Sherry Samples. From North Georgia, Rossville.where praying 🙏🙏 you get back in the White House.Best president ever,we love you and family!!

Submitted by Trump


Submitted by

Thank you mr. president. Hope to see you back soon.

Submitted by

Thanks You President Trump!!!
Thank you for loving the USA
Sandy Garrett
Bowling Green Ky

Submitted by

President Trump
We are in a place I’ve never seen before. My only hope is you and God! I am praying for our country. I love you and trust you will bring our nation back that we love!
Judy Nelli

Submitted by

thank you sir,please come back soon or we wont have a country left,I watched brad barton yesterday and he said some really cool stuff,I pray its true also sir stew peters has a video that graphene oxide is in the vax so why are doctors still pushing the vax and is there a antidote for it? also I pray the mike lindells event can get out to the public cause some of my friends and family think Im crazy.we wont survive another lockdown thank you sir! pray for you and your family and your circle around you everyday stay safe please

Submitted by gina

Thank you President Trump. I only hope and pray you are able to get back in office this year, 2024 it will be to late. I know you are not our Lord and Savior, but I know we need someone in office who loves our country. I am the only one of my siblings that voted for you both times. It makes it so hard having Democrats in my family that don’t see the truth. Again, I pray you can get back in office and save our nation.

Submitted by

MAGA!!!! I believe!!!! ❤🇺🇸🙏

Submitted by Patriot forever!

President Trump,we the people love and support you,we thank God he chose you to help save our country,and God will finish what he started,keep focused on what God chose you forSuch a time as this 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️Thank you and your precious family for all that you do for our America,and May God continue to protect you and your family,looking forward to The best is yet to come 🙏🏻🇺🇸❤️

Submitted by Kathleen Alkema

Thank you for exposing the corruption on this earth plane. I have personally turned to Jesus due to all the exposure you have revealed! We all need God in our lives! I am awakened to this because of you, thank you 🙏
One thing that hasn’t been exposed yet…. RH- bloodline? There are so many of us out here still wondering and falsely guessing what we are and what our origins are. We fear we are bloodline of the evil on this planet. Will we ever get closure on this?
Thank you again and God Bless you and your family sir.

Submitted by Kristina Jordan

I pray every night before going to sleep for you and your wife and family and all those fighting for your return. God wins every time. We love you ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

we are cheering for you President Trump, do not let us down.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump, you have and always have had our support for for belief and faith in God and the United States of America!

Submitted by Michael Renfrew

Thank you President TRUMP 2020 and beyond PTL!!! God bless

Submitted by

I want to thank you PRESIDENT TRUMP for everything you did and tried to do for our country and our people. I want to thank you for loving both so much and for giving up so much for us. I pray for you and your family everyday. I also pray that God puts you back in office soon and helps you save our country. You are the best president EVER! My family loves you, along with millions of other
Americans ! Please come back to us soon, very soon. We need you!
Thank you for everything! I thank God for you!
Debra Downey

Submitted by Debra Downey

Thank so very much for all you do. Love you Sandra Blankenship

Submitted by Sandra Blankenship

Thank you Mr. Trump & First Lady Melania for everything! I never gave up hope in God in knowing he is in ultimately in charge. He chooses you to lead America and fight this horrible underground corruption. We need you and Pray for you & your family to remain strong! You’ll always be our President and First Lady! Much love and many Prayers!

Submitted by T’s

Dear President Trump
Thank you for standing up and putting America first. I believe that you won this election and it was stolen. You are definitely the best President in the history of America and I wanted to personally let you know that. God bless you and your family. Looking forward to 2024 and you leading this great nation once again.
Sincerely Lisa Smith Berlin Maryland

Submitted by Lisa Smith

Thank you President Trump for your dedication and love for our country and the people. Never give up or give in. Looking forward to your return and the truth and removal of the fake. Praying for you and your family often. Let God guide your every decision and May HE bless you immensely!

Submitted by Cheryl Ellis

Thank you & God bless you & your beautiful family for all of your hard work and dedication. We love you & will continue to pray for you in the days ahead!!

Submitted by

Thank you POTUS Trump for all you did to save our country from the devil people. You were the best President our country has ever seen. Every day I pray to God that He will intervene and expose them for their cheating, lies, corruption, etc. They are vicious, illiterate and far more evil than I could have ever imagined . We need you back desperately. My biggest worry is for my grandchildren. I worked 4 jobs to get where I am today and I don't want to see it taken away or squandered. May God give you the strength to rise above their hatred and anger. God bless you and your family.

Submitted by

Mr. President Trump, first I want to thank you for all ways putting us, the American people first!!! There is so much fear in this country now with everything that is going on, from the viruses, racism, inflation freedom's and not ever knowing that our votes will ever matter. I my self, when they announced who won this past election thought, why even vote...the Democrat's are going to put who the want in office no matter what. But sir I know deep in my soul YOU WON, AND THEY CHEATED!!! I come from a small town in Ohio and there are many many many folks who feel the same as me. I truly beleive that the far left had everything to do with creating this pandemic!!! They lie and cheat for their agenda! I pray alot! We NEED you back in office. I wish I could afford to donate alot of money but I can't, but I can give you my prayers, to win this fight we are up against. I keep my faith sir!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FOR ALL YOU ARE DOING!! PLEASE GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Submitted by

Me President, our world is in such turmoil these days. I live in a state of fear myself. I miss you I need for you to come back or to put someone in there but thanks like you that gets us back on track. I feel that we are doomed and I just need some type of hope and that’s what you gave me when you were in office. Thank you thank you thank you for everything that you did and I’m hoping that you will do.
🇺🇸 Pamela Meade 🇺🇸

Submitted by

Keep persistent in your journey mr Trump. You a great person with a great family. Also you have shown this nation and continue to show this nation what a great leader does. Stay strong I’m confident of your victory. Hopefully it will be soon before the damage is to big to repair. The country is falling apart very quickly. With no end in sight. The corruption must stop and the people need to be held accountable that are behind this art of deception. Good luck mr president and stay strong.

Submitted by

Dear President Trump.
Short, sweet and simple from the Santa Cruz Mountains of Northern California; we have your back. We supported you in 2016 and 2020 and we will continue to support you. Thank you for continuing to work for us. God bless you.
Colleen Miller

Submitted by

Thank you Mr President Trump for upholding biblical standards and constitutional standards..Your still my president

Submitted by Anthony Couch

Thank You President Trump for WAKING up America! 🎖

With the little opportunity America has left to beat the evil force in our government, your spirit, dedication, leadership has stirred the souls of the believers who LOVE this country♥️🇺🇸 as you do. Finding out through Covid19 the schools and colleges were infected with CRT, the democrats are revealing their true colors.
With so much work to still do in turning this ship around battling the Big Government, American believers, the righteous Angels in heaven and the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ can bring about change to save America for the next generations. Breaking the chains of China’s control and balancing the budget would be a breath of fresh air for America. Prayers for you, Melania and your family always. Prayers for this Great Nation, prayers for the believers ready to push back to preserve this America under God, for men and women like Mike Lindell exposing China this week and Sydney Powell who is not giving up the fight, Amen.

Submitted by Monique

Ty president Trump for all you done and continue to do.. please take our country back.. this so called administration is a joke.. they all need to be in prison. They are trampling on our rights and humanity.. I love you Trump and you did win!!!

Submitted by Avis collins

Mr. President, thank you and your family for your sacrifice to battle the swamp. It is deep and so much is coming to light. My heart is Soo full of faith for you as well as in my God. I am very upset over the border issue and wonder how the hell we gonna get them out once your back. Not that I believe you ever left. Even with faith it's been very difficult these last 10 months. I am a widow and all I have to talk to are my 3 pups and the cats. Lol. I would really love to one day meet you and thank you in person for being the absolute best president this country has ever had. I have not been able to donate to our cause because I have a very small income but I think I make up for it in love. As this mission draws near the end I pray you and your family and team stay safe. I think Mike Lindell is an awesome guy and can't wait for his symposium. I am hopeful that the trials for treason will be held publicly. I think the 75+ million of us deserve it. Sincerely, Lisa Murphy- Snyder.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for you and your families sacrifice, as we wage way for our America

Submitted by Brian

Hi President Trumph God bless You and Your Beautiful Melanie and amazing Family may God coinue to watch over You and keep You safe. We love ❤️ You Michael Liezel and Chelsea🙏🇺🇸💚

Submitted by

Save us President Trump …. Save America!!!! We Love you

Submitted by

Thank you Mr. President Trump I think You are awesome. I appreciate everything you are doing for everyone. My family and I love you and Pray for your family and you to be safe. May God bless you and your family. We are excited for your return soon.

Submitted by

Get your ass back in the office!! We miss you

Submitted by

Hi mr President Donald Trump make American great again will see you in 2024 in the White House.You did win they cheated we will see you back in the big White House. Steve from Canada 🇨🇦

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for being exactly what we need - you give us hope! We appreciate 🙏 your faith in God and pray the election results are revealed to bring you back into office. Your hard work and honest love for our country makes us want to uphold the constitution and fight for freedom. May God bless you and Melania, and your whole family. We love you! Steve & Christi Jackson in Moscow, Idaho.

Submitted by

Thank you Mr.President . You have done so much for America and I wish my father was still around to have seen you win. Im the Grandma in this picture at Christmas and this is my Trump supporting family.

Submitted by

Thank u for doing what you did in 2019 and 2020 hope to see u run for president again in 2021

Submitted by Taylor Harwood

Thankyou Mr. President for all U have done for our Country! Your tireless efforts to take down the deep state is admirable! You R a true American who has sacrificed so much to fight for every Race Creed & Color so they have a equal chance to suceed! We all know this election was stolen from you and We R Woke!! You have so many that R now fighting this fight for our Country & We will never stop until you R restored to the White House as Our President!! When they write your Legacy you will go down as the Greatest President ever elected into office! We Pray for your safety & health & pray that God will watch over you!! I truly believe after Mike Lindell exposes China for stealing your votes with his pocket captures the entire World will know you won in a Landide Victory!! These radical Communists know they were caught & trying to do as much damage to this Country as possible while they still can. I just pray the Supreme Court hears this Case & takes down this fraudulent election soon!!

Submitted by

President Trump my husband and I consider you and your family like family to us! We are of Italian decent and wish we
We're worthy to have you and your family come to our house for Sunday dinner! We want to thank you for being the BEST PRESIDENT IN OUR LIFE TIME. Thank you for bringing God back to America!

Submitted by Lenore Speciale

Mr. President how do we get you back?? I am so worried about our freedom. Our country is crumbling. Thank you for caring.. PLEASE show us the way back to freedom

Submitted by

57 years old registered Democrat for the last 50. I was blind to all politics. Started following you in your first term. The Kavanaugh confirmation really opened up my eyes and made me change party affiliation. Your 2nd term solidify my decision to join the Right and the people of God. I have contributed what I can afford but the one thing I do daily is wear my Trump hat. Like my Trump flags and the Ol’ Glory that proudly fly in my front yard, I will continue to wear this Trump hat proudly everyday until you get back in office. I love you, I am rooting for you and I am fighting for you. Benedict Rachielug. Lone Islander Supporter and US Navy Veteran.

Submitted by Benedict Rachielug

I want to personally thank you for your support of our great country. I am a resident of Texas, and a Patriot. The wonderful job that you and the military are doing is greatly appreciated. I had no idea, the evil that was taking place where the children were concerned. Please drain the swamp, save the children and restore our republic. I have been following these stories for over a year. Social media makes it hard to get the latest updates. Our freedom is at stake because of censorship. I will keep spreading the word and fighting the vaccine. We need you back in office soon Sir. We have complete confidence in you and your team. God bless you, your family, the brave military and the United States of America. Where we go one, we go all. I know the best is yet ti come. You will go down in history as the best Present ever. You do what you say you will. You will always have my vote. I hope the movie is about to play out, and good wipes out evil. Prayers for all. God wins!❤🇺🇸💙🙏🙏🙏

Submitted by Janet Averett

Thank you very much for everything that you've done for this country, can't wait to have you back, I'm so proud to have a man that loves this country as much as we do

Submitted by

Thank you so much for all you have done to save us and our great country. God bless you and your great family. Hurry back!!

Submitted by

Please come back soon. We love you and need you.💕

Submitted by

thank you Trump for all of the wonderful changes you made. Thank you for putting up with all of the mudslinging and name-calling and endless lawsuits and lies. you are an amazing person and one of the first presidents really seem to care about the American people. Please come back. We need you now more than ever. Biden has already ruined so much of the progress you made in such a short time. It’s amazing really. Super sad really. We are in big trouble without you. Keep up the great work and the thick skin. Most Americans know better. The Democrats are showing their true colors more and more every day and it’s common possible not to see that the media is a lying Democratic machine. Trust me Americans want you back. Love from Minnesota ❤️❤️

Submitted by AmyJPatterson

Thank you President Trump! For All you have done and ALL that you are STILL Doing for us and OUR Great Country! You inspired us to Vote our County here in Nevada to be a Stricktly CONSTITUTIONAL County! We are currently working on getting the rest of the counties to follow suit, but sadly I think that we're only going to get 15 out of our 17 counties to vote for constitutionality while Clark and Washoe are I think lost causes! I sincerely hope not but Time is going to tell! SIR! There's ABSOLUTELY NO way I will allow our country to fall into this Cabal owned abomination that they're trying to make it! We The People ARE GOING TO FIGHT! We are trying hard to not go Kinetic and do this peacefully! But they are pushing us to the Kinetic option, Respectfully SIR! I ask you and the alliance to make haste and allow the military to perform their duties and restore the civilian Government! God Bless you and your family Sir! As well God Bless everyone in your staff, and THANK YOU Mr. PRESIDENT S

Submitted by Daniel Fermoyle

Thank you Mr Trump for dedicating your time to this country, I truly believe you really love America, and I believe in my heart that you are doing what you feel is best for this country. We pray for you daily and we pray that God will give you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and strength to do what is best for this country. May God bless you and the Trump family. Always put him first and he will take you to places that money cannot buy. 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Submitted by Peggy Rickle

President Donald J. Trump I have voted and supposed you from day one. It saddens me the evil that exists in this administration that stole the election. Can't wait to have you back. Hopefully soon before they take more rights away.

Submitted by

Dear Mr President; I miss your strong leadership at the Whitehouse! As a veteran I worry about the way things are being ran by the current administration which is not duly elected. I voted for you sir both in 2016 and 2020. Thank you for doing what is right for America and sacrifice you rich lifestyle to be ridiculed and harassed by the far left.

Submitted by Mike Gregory

Thank you Mr. President for all you did and continue doing for are Country, God willing you will be back soon 🙏
You are the best President Ever in the History of the World 🌎
May God protect you and your family always, we love you and miss you ❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤🇺🇲❤

Submitted by

We miss you president trump and can't wait until you come back this year and make America great again

Submitted by Mr & Mrs Futrell

Dear President Trump,

We love 💕 you!!!! Where do I begin to tell you and your family how much you mean to my family and friends!! We voted for you both times! You’re the BEST PRESIDENT America 🇺🇸 has ever had!! We thank God for your boldness and standing up against this wicked deep state!! Thank you for giving up so much to try to save the USA! We pray for you every single day that God would protect you and let “no weapon formed against you to prosper.” I would be honored to ever shake your hand or hug your neck!! Again we love you and GOD BLESS YOU!! Jeff & Christy Mabe

Submitted by

Than you President Trump for all you do for this Nation.. praying for you daily

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for protecting our country. Thank you for building the wall and saving small businesses. Thank you for helping our veterans and bringing our military back home. Thank you for caring about we the people. I voted for you because you are the BEST president in U.S history. We love you so much and we need you. You are MY president and I love you do much! Thank you

Submitted by Karen Perrucci

Thank you my Brother Mr. President Trump, looking to see you back this month! Sure would love to meet you soon and say Howdy and have a hand shake and hug with a big U.S.A. picture of us! I'm just so thankful you are president and the fake Biden administration Movie is about over with! Love you and thank you for everything you've done and still doing! saving the children and draining the swamp! May God Bless You and hope to meet you soon! "WE THE PEOPLE" GOD BLESS AMERICA! U.S.A U.S.A. U.S.A.

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for your commitment to our country, if it weren’t for you, we would have given up all hope to get us through this fake administration that we have (president in name only) PINO BIDEN.
Please come back soon, we need you more than ever.🇺🇸🇺🇸 GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

Submitted by Christine Jacobs

Thank You President Trump.Hurry back we love you and miss you

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for all you do for this great nation. GOD BLESS America

Submitted by

I’m 4 years older than you & a lifelong Republican. You were the one that I wanted to run to be President because I’ve known that this country needed a businessman to bring about Make America Great Again. Thank you. My prayers are with you that you will rescue America from the evil that is destroying this beautiful America.

Submitted by

President Trump Thank You for all you have done and are doing for the people of America!! We really need you back now!! I am from Gastonia North Carolina and we are truly blessed to have a man like you fighting for the people and our Constitution!! You are a God sent and I hope soon plz that you return to lead our Country again!! We love you President Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Beverly Self

God gets all the glory. God bless you Donald Trump. I can only hope I can be as tirelessly obedient to his call as you have been. I praying for you and your brave family.

Submitted by

Sending love from England. Hurry back sir, we all need you. ❤️🇬🇧

Submitted by Sue Morris

We are praying for you every day and may God bless you and l hope you are back in office in 2021

Submitted by

Thank you Mr President for everything you have done for the American people..You are and still is the best President ever. God bless you and your family for standing up for the people all over the world. Know that you are love Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. AMEN

Submitted by

President Trump,
I adore you as a courageous Patriot that loves the USA, as I do. I’m very close to your age and have never seen such hate and dangerous chaos on American soil.
I could sleep in peace at night when you were our commander and chief guarding our door.

Please come and save us now.
We have been betrayed by ?? The present administration.
Make us Great again. Give us back our Pride.
In God I trust, in Jesus I come, and in you, Donald J. Trump I trust completely to do what is best for we, the people. I need sleep and I am in turmoil without you. These insane nut jobs running rampant are like tiny midgets gone crazy.
You are greatly admired and loved.
The haters are a big fat zero and they do not count. They are not our fellow Patriots. They are traitors.

Martha Kay Blanks... Deep in the ❤️ of Texas.

Submitted by Martha Kay Blanks

Thank you President Trump you have done a great job. My prayers are for you and your family. Kept having the ears to hear from God. God has your back. Thank you for everything and to everyone that's help. I'm very grateful.

Submitted by Karen Langley

🙏🏼God bless you for your service..I went to two of your rallies in Nevada last year, drove there from Napa, CA. TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP🇺🇸

Submitted by Stephanie Vandagriff

I personally thank you president trump for protecting or great constitution and saving the true American way of life we the people are forever in your debt . sincerely yours Barry budnar

Submitted by Cuda

Thank you for never giving up on america..and I pray you get back in office in 2021 so all of us can sleep well at night.. your the best president I've ever had in my lifetime.. thank you us Patriots

Submitted by

Thank You President Trump we Love you, and miss you!

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump. Please hurry back to save America!! We need you more than ever❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸

Submitted by

I want to thank you for everything you have done President Trump! I had a massive stroke three days before the 2016 elections. At the time I was very skeptical about your ability to run the country. Now I say you are the best present the country has ever had by putting America first! Just please know Arizona we love you. We are pulling for you and patiently waiting for this audit. I watch the updates daily with the hopes that the election was proven to be rigged. I personally believe it was. Thank you for allowing me to send this personal message

Submitted by John

We love our President Trump and family .. God bless 🙏 you always... The Truth is being Revealed everywhere 🙏🙏🙏

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump! You are the best, most beloved President of my lifetime. Thank you for representing us, please come back. We love you!

Submitted by

I just want to thank God for your life, Pres. Donald Trump!
Stay blessed and fired up for what you believe is or are good for this country. God loves this country! Jesus loves you! So do I. Amen.

Submitted by Yvonne Frias Mendoza

Your my kind of dancer. Please come home soon...its such a mess withuot you k?

Submitted by

I'm praying for your safe return as President of the United States. I was fortunate to attend your rally in Fayetteville, NC I'm waiting for your return you're the best president ever you stuck to your promises and you love all us Americans 🇺🇸❤

Submitted by Julie Smith

Thank you so much President Trump, your courage and insight have been an inspiration. History will remember your policies as well as your tenacity. You will always be our President.

Submitted by Mr. Mrs Henry Truesdell

This photo was taken at a mall in Cape Cod Massachusetts. These ladies said no one wears Trump attire in Massachusetts so they wanted their picture taken with my husband.
Patricia VanWhy
Sidney, Mt 59270

Submitted by Pat

Dear President Trump, I would like to thank you for all that you did while in the White House and all that your doing for us now. I believe in you so lets get America back....Thank you L & R Grant

Submitted by

I'm praying for you President Trump.. You are our Legitimate President, we all know it. What is happening with this insanity that is occupying your house? Please kick them out. We the people love you. Please Godspeed

Submitted by

Thank you for all you did and are still doing for this great country. We all know you won the election. Need you back in office before we lose our freedom. May God be with you and your family. Please keep up the good fight. It saddens me to see our country being sold out. Pray to see you back in office soon!

Submitted by Marion

I’m so happy God chose you to help save America and the American People! We are praying fir you! May God bless and protect you!❤️

Submitted by

President Trump thank you for your duty as our President for keeping us safe! You r missed every day that fake President sits where u should be! You are so loved and respected ❤️ I miss you along with the rest of our country, I know you will be back We voted for you twice we will vote for you again! Thank You for everything u have done…
Pamela A Beahm❤️🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

Submitted by Pamela A. Beahm

I miss you so much!! Please hurry back!!!
The country needs you!

Submitted by Tena Cisler

Dear President Trump,
Thank you fighting for the freedom from tyranny. I knew the night of the election that it was fraud. My husband and all our family voted for you.
There is one thing I would like to ask for your help. We are trying to move to Florida but everything is too expensive. We only live on social security and here in Montana they have nothing much for help. I pray everyday for God to help restore you back in office and have all those rhino tried for treason.

We will continue to pray until you are back in office and before 2024, our country will be gone if we wait until 2024.

Patricia VanWhy
105 3rd Ave SW
Sidney, Montana 59270

Submitted by Pvanwhy

Hello President Trump wanted tell you how much I honor and appreciate all you did for this country. Please know we support you and your return in 2024 or before. Take America Back. Dena Musgraves

Submitted by

I miss you in the White House President Trump, the USA can’t survive 4 years of this communist administration. Thank you for loving America and us deplorables! Praying for you and divine guidance in your daily work for our country. Thank you and love you!🙏❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you for waking me up to the corrupted world of politics. I have never followed any of it for 52 years of my life. Whenever politics were brought up I left the room to hang out with the dogs. The last year and a half I have been obsessed and looking forward to the Karma that will happen to those criminals thanks to you. 🐸

Submitted by Wendy

You will always be my President!!!! After years of embarrassing Presidents you are an amazing patriot!!! God Bless You and Keep you under his care!!! Thank You My forever President 🙏🇺🇸❤️

Submitted by

Thank you for being the best president ever.. please come and lead us back..our country loves and needs you

Submitted by

Still waiting for you to stop Joe Biden and his administration in their track's, In Jesus name Amen God Bless America

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for all you are doing and have done for our country and the American people. You are truly missed. Love from Michigan.

Submitted by Nancy Shankin

Dear President Donald J.Trump,
You are the best President this country has ever had. I am 65 now and I despise what Biden is doing. Lord God is with you and will bring you back soon. Thank you for your strength and your fight for us and this country. Do not give up, everything is done in God’s perfect timing and in His wisdom. Until then, smile and know we all love you forever. Sincerely, Laurel Hunter

Submitted by Laurel Hunter

Can't wait for you to come back, before these dumrats destroy our beloved country, your friend William, from Tennessee

Submitted by

Thank you Mr President. We love you. Make America. Great Again God Bless you🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Be Safe From ohio

Submitted by

So grateful for you President Trump & your family. Prayers to have y’all back in y’all Rightful positions. Hoping to make it to one of your Rallies. Seen you in 2016 in Al. It was so great. I’m from La. but thankfully I live in Ms. 😆 Prayers & Love to you & your family. 👍🏼👍🏼💪🥰🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸✌️🥰🌈🌈

Submitted by

God Bless you Sir I Pray for you Daily TRUMP 2021!!!

Submitted by Brenda smith

Thank you for all you do and have done! Please keep fighting for us! WE NEED YOU BACK! GOD BLESS YOU!❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏

Submitted by

Thank you so much for caring prayers for you stay strong your still our president..

Submitted by Peggy Tietz

Thank you president Trump for all you are doing to get back and we miss you we need you we love you and if I can afford to give you any money I would I'm a senior citizen and I'm trying to get me a call right now so I can get back and forth to my doctors but I have your back every which way never forget that you were the best president I ever had let me go for a start crying

Submitted by Joy Montecino

Thank you Trump for all you did, all you're doing, and please get back in soon. We don't need to see how bad Biden was going to be we knew it before . That's why we voted for you! Enough people are awake. Come back. The ones who aren't, well they will be 😉

Submitted by

President Trump My name is Dewayne Collins I appreciate all that you have done you and your family R wonderful people can’t wait to get you back in office been praying for you and your family I do pipeline construction love to catch up with you sometime love and prayers

Submitted by

We miss you terribly! This country is out of control! We are not in a good place! Come back and make America great again! Make us believe again! We are desperate for change! Biden administration is a big joke! God bless the USA! Please help!

Submitted by christy anderson

May the Lord God bless you for all you've done for the USA and the entire world. We ask for protection for your family. We stand behind you 100 percent and can hardly wait to see you resuming the president position. We follow everything we can find on your cause. God will see you through!

Submitted by

There was only two things I wanted for Christmas my Pomeranian & you to still be President well my dog was taken from us & he shouldn’t have died. I’ve been grieving since thanksgiving Day of 2020 & your election being stolen just makes my grieving worse. I praying one of my Christmas gifts will you coming back & Save America. Praying for you & your family stay safe. Hope you really do read your messages mine comes from my heart.

Submitted by Diane Glover

Thank you president Donald J Trump my family loves you please hurry back we need you♥️🙏

Submitted by

Your a wonderful person, love you..

Submitted by

Thank you president trump for all that you are doing for our country !! There's not a day that goes by that I don't pray for you and your family , we love you in christ we need you and I can't wait till you make America great again and I know your comming back soon God bless you you are the chosen one ❤🙏💙 I thank God for Mike Lindell and all the others who r fighting to put you back in office , I can't wait for God to remove these satanic democrats who caused all these problems with stealing your presidentcy , i don't believe the end is here I know that God wants to reward us for walking in faith by bringing you back as our president , I want to thank you and the others for this big change thats comming soon we are so lucky to have a president like you ❤God bless you !! I'm so sorry for all u have gone through you are an amazeing person I pray God continues to watch over you and your family and strengthen you each and everyday just know I keep you in my prayers daily God bless you 🙏

Submitted by Darlene bean

Mr President

I am one of your biggest fans. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait for you to run again. I also love your family. They are all doing a great job. I have many friends and family that support you 100%. I can’t wait until you get Biden, Harris, Schumer and Pelosi out of office. The swamp needs to be demolished not just drained. I have repeatedly said on Facebook that I have friends and family that will not stab you in the back. I know how people can act like your friends while they have a dagger in your back. I was undersheriff for the Wyandotte County Sheriff Dept. I am patiently waiting for your announcement about running for President. Thank you for all you do for our Country, The United States of America.

Submitted by Robert Conaway

Just wanted to extend my gratitude for all you are doing for our country. Please come back soon!

Submitted by

Dear President Trump.
You are the best President in my life time.My whole family,friends voted for you and in the community tons of Tump signs an to this day people still have them in there yards. We all voted for you both times. We all know you WON. Especially in corrupt PA. I hope the truth comes out real soon and you are back in the White House as our President. I still call you President. Thank you make America Great Again. We all love an miss you and your family.

Submitted by

President Trump. I am a Canadian 🇨🇦🇨🇦 my name is Deborah Owchar and I am so grateful to God for having his hand upon you and your Family 🙏✝️💜 I love how you care for America and the People in it! I wish you could be are Prime Minister..or at least help get rid of trudeau..I pray you get back in office soon...I also Pray for Blessings and Protection for You and All Your Family🙏✝️💜In Jesus Name Amen 💜🇺🇲

Submitted by

President Donald Trump Just can't wait. Been praying for God and you sense Nov 3rd. Love you guys always Best to you. When I heard a message we won I have to say I cried and dropped to my knees this morning .Prayers answered from God Hope to see you soon in your rightful seat. From Robert & Elizabeth Rinehart

Submitted by

Solo bike ride in Orange Beach! Hundreds of cheers and honks! We are ALL still here waiting. I trust, love, thank and miss my President. Praying for you, your family and our country. I was at your first rally and many more. God bless you!

Submitted by

To the real President of the United States, I want to personally thank you for all you did while in office and please hurry up and get back into office. This country is going Communist really fast and it will not survive if they complete their mission. We all love you and miss you and a lot of Democrats are having buyers remorse. We need to get rid of Joe Dividen. They need to be arrested for treason every last Democrat that has committed treason. What ever your plan is, can you possibly put it into warp speed? We need you more now than in 2016. But thank you again and hope I will get to go to one of your rallies here in Ohio. I never know about them till it is too late. Hopefully you will be back in Dayton soon.

We love and miss you more than you will ever know.

Thanks again,
Jerry and Darlene Oliver

Submitted by Darlene Oliver

Thank you so much for loving us and our country as much as you do. I just heard that Mike Lindell is going to have you back in office soon. And that is one great thing to hear. Some of your people have been texting and saying that I don't support you as much as I use too. But never think that. I TOTALLY SUPPORT YOU AND I ALWAY WILL. They act like just because I don't contribute money then I can not be a supporter. I DO AND I ALWAYS WILL. I/WE SUPPORT YOU AND KNOW THAT GOD SENT YOU TO US AND HE WILL HAVE UOU BACK WHERE YOU BELONG. GOD IS AND ALWAYS BE IN CHARGE. NEVER THINK THAT I DON'T LOVE AND SUPPORT YOU. I DO AND ALWAYS WILL. FOREVER. I THINK YOU SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP FOREVER.

Submitted by


Submitted by

Thank you President Trump I was a Democrat but I changed to Republican because I saw there are people that do what they say we love you can't wait to have you back in the office would love to donate to your campaign but I'm on disability and my finances are pretty tight but I still pray for you and your family and can't wait to vote for you again extra fees

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump! You are the truest American Patriot and the greatest hope for the USA! We need you now... We stand behind you and your truth and promise of America First! We need to save our nation! I will never give up... NEVER!

Submitted by

Dear President Trump, we are all awaiting your return & are here to support & regain our country. God’s grace & mercy on us all in these days ahead to give us strength,courage to rid our towns & country of this evil corruption. God Bless America🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Thank u President Trump

Submitted by

Thank you standing up for America, standing behind Veterans, standing against child molesters. AMERICA LOVES YOU

Submitted by

President Trump you are the greatest President in my lifetime!

Submitted by

Thank you President Trump for saving our country. I truly believe that you are being led by God and appreciate all the sacrifices you have made. May God bless you and your family and keep all of you safe.

Velda Lawhorn
Troy, Il. 62294

Submitted by

You are the best thing that could happen to our beautiful Country so sorry the Democratic Party has put you through all this crap but you have God on your side and Good will overcome the Evil

Submitted by

Hello President Trump, we miss you terribly in Texas. We pray for you every day. You will be back in office soon we hope. We love you

Submitted by Sara Grass

Thank you President Trump for what all you do .Prayers for you and your family God Bless !! You Won

Submitted by Connie Webb

We can’t wait for your and JFK jrs return! We need this mess cleaned up! God Bless you and your family! See you soon!
A fellow patriot!
Susan Beckner

Submitted by Grama Beckner

I pray for you and your family’s protection every day. Thank you for revealing the truths in our corrupt government and the fraud election. Thank you for saving the children. My heart goes out to each and everyone of them. Thank you for being strong against the evil Cabal and saving our country! Hoping to having you back in 2021! Thank you for being the best President ever! Holly Bowdoin

Submitted by

Thank you stay safe we love you💓

Submitted by

Thank u President Trump! I know u r Gods chosen David!! I hope u know how many people love u and appreciate all u have done and still r doing! The day u left the White House I knew n my heart that u werent leaving us or our Country for the corrupt Deep State to stay n control!! You r the smartest man I have ever known!! Thank u for your strength and courage!! I live n Corpus Christi, Texas. May God Bless u I pray for u and our Country everyday!! I love u and csnt wait for u to come back but I think u r still our President and we all know u won every state. I had a vision before the election I seen every state covered n red just like God was covering them qith his blood!! U r n Gods hands!! 😀🙏🙏🙏🙏❤🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

Submitted by

Thank You !! And you family from Plaistow NH miss you 22 and 24 ❤️🇺🇸❤️

Submitted by

President Trump we miss you, your family so much. We know you're still with us but we need you up front, the cabals is ruining our country. We the people need you we thank you President Trump for fighting for us & our country. You have sacrifice your life & your families' life for us. We thank you so much, the best President we ever have.

Submitted by Liza

Thank you, My two Grandson who our fourteen year old twins, who I have raised sense they were 3 months old got our shots yesterday. We want to Thank you with all of our heart for this. I just want you to know because we are silent, we know you Won. I hope you kick ass next time, I will be watching, Love from Texas

Submitted by

Thank you President Donald J Trump ,also thank Your entire Family. I know John F Kennedy is watching over all of you to carry on what He once tried to start. God is with all of you as am I.
Just waiting for the best is yet to come. I was once a dem until retired , found time to really investigate myself about the dem party. John F Kennedy was the last best President of that party.
I seen Him in person in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I know You, President Trump once said the only way your would throw your hat in for the Presidency was if America needed you.
Well you did, the time was right. You knew the swamp idiots would rig the election which was all apart of Your wonderful plan to drain them all. I hope and Pray that John Kennedy Jr. is still alive, I know that Clinton’s and some wanted Him gone from this Beautiful World. Thank you very much for all You have done for this Country. I stand alongside of You..
God Bless You, President Trump, Your Family.

Submitted by

President Donald Trump I know you been wanting for me to donate to help but me and my wife are both on disability and can't help that way.Ive been praying for you and patio's that God will keep you through all the slander that the swamp is throwing at you. I pray you stay strong in the Lord and he will lead you the way you need to go.God Bless you for what you are doing for the great USA.

Submitted by

Thanks President Trump! Please come back and Save America!

Submitted by Michelle Boulos

Thank you Mr President from Rob snd Cindy Meyer of Int'l Falls, MN. We love you, support you and pray God continues to use you as a light for Americans!! GOD BLESS YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP

Submitted by

I Love you Mr.President ,I'm very grateful to you and your Family.I appreciate everything you are doing to help us all but most of all the children I know of the evils that were working to slave us like cattle,I'm so grateful to have had my eyes and heart opened by our God. May he give you an even bigger job as your reward.May God Bless You and keep you all the days of your life.

Submitted by

I knew, I believed you would be a great President.

I wanted to be your vice president.

We the Public TM 2021 love you BIG T.




Submitted by Big T favorite.

Thank you for all you have done for our great country, we need you now more than ever.

Submitted by Sherry Clingenpeel

God is our witness. We are 100% supporters . We know we won. Your our president. What ever it takes let's just do it.

Submitted by Carla Casey

President Trump you are the greatest President ever .I hope you and your beautiful wife and family are doing well, We sure do miss you. The current guy is a nut case. We keep praying you will be back soon .LOVE YOU ALL

Submitted by Teresa

President Trump, you are by far the “Best” President ever. You were the only who had the balls to take down “the swamp” and save our country! I love and Respect you are all you have done for each and everyone of us. Your work is still in progress and I will continue to keep the “Faith!”. Sending prayers and asking for God to continue keeping his arms around you and your entire family! ❤️Always My President, Connie Myers from California now.

Submitted by

Mr president Trump I hope God continues to lead you to make America great again may God bless you keep you safe bless you and bless all your family now let's make America great again and get these bad people out of the White House that want to destroy us and make us a communist country sincerely Annette Glover!❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲❤️🇺🇲🇺🇲✝️

Submitted by Annette Glover

Thank you for all you've done for our great country. We need you back.

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Thank you Mr Donald Trump
Canada is behind you all the way…❤️

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Thank you president trump for been the greatest president of the World :we love you /we need you more than ever before god bless you and your family

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Thank you president Trump, Give God the glory, as He uses you!!!!

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America needs you Donald Trump 2024 you're the best president ever since Abraham Lincoln

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Hello God bless you and your family. Thank you for everything you're doing for us in america. Keep safe.

Submitted by Mark DeBoe

We need you back to beat the Democrats

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President Donald J.Trump,
Thank you President Trump, for you and your family, the whole digital soldiers for your true love for Ameria and the world all the Patriots, Q , Anon that I have follow to Know God answered my prayer. things did not seem right when I was growing up! How things was being manipulated. For you to show bring them out. Thank you praying for the children, my heart bleeds for them! Give the 1st Lady Melania a hug and the Kennedy's my love for all they sacrificed for us ! Salute to JFK the corner stone of this Journey. May God Blanket you all in protection, love, sharpness, healing of our nation and others, from my heart to your serenity and love! WWG1WGA ❤🙏🇺🇸🙏🌏❤ I might lose everything , I gained peace in my heart and Jesus never fails. Thank you again and many blessings to you and your beautiful wife. Sincerly B.J. Carol Stephens,Griffin and family

Submitted by beeJay Griffin

Thank you President for making America great again. Please come back soon🙏❤️

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Mr President thank you, I have for years felt there was corruption in our Government but thank you so much for really showing the American people just how bad it is, as I sit here today I feel there is no other person fit for the job ahead, we the people are so blessed to have you in this fight. Thank you and God Bless you and your family

Submitted by Steve Edgar

Thank You Donald J Trump & First Lady Melania! My family has been democrat for generations. I was appalled at the way they treated you & your beautiful family. I started to pay attention to politics because of this. I was ashamed to tell anyone my political party. Finally in 2020 when I renewed my driver’s license they asked if I wanted to change my political party and I said yes. I am now Republican. Donald J Trump is MY President. God Bless you for all that you have endured for our country .

Submitted by Sherry Neff-Hulbert

Thank you President Trump for all you do for We The People!!! Please Take Our Nation Back From All Od The EVIL People On Earth 🌍 We Love You And Your Family!!! Come Back Soon We Need You More That Ever!!! We The People Need You!!! ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️

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Jus wanted to say God Bless you President Trump! Thank you for all you do for U.S. ❤️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸 I am praying everyday the The Lord keeps you safe and well.

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Thank you so much Sir for keeping all of us here in the UK safe. No more terror attacks in London and no suicide bombers at kids concerts causing such a huge loss of life and fear in my Country. You need to get back and stop this disaster of the Iran deal and the threat that re-emerged to Israel you created peace when you brokered a deal in the middle East and now the Taliban is taking Afghanistan and they are pouring across the Texas border in their droves bringing mayhem with them to help destroy your Country. We need you to stop this madness, we need you to keep us safe, we need you to allow us all to be free to voice our opinion whether true or false. We need you to take down the fake media and big tech so as we can speak freely and not be oppressed and watching what we are "allowed" to say. Come back soon Sir as I for one here in the UK miss you dearly. MAGA rules and where we go one we go all. God bless you on your path. Keep fighting, keep walking through the storm. I love you x

Submitted by John

Thank you miss you. Hurry back

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You won

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Hi President Trump, we are still here. ❤👊

Submitted by Ms Kat

President We miss you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting America first. You are the only President I know of who has ever did that. We all know you won the election. We hope you come back to save America from what the democrats has done to destroy America. I can not thank you enough and your family for everything you have did for our great country. God Bless yo and your family. I am sorry the democrats and some republicans are trying to destroy you. In the eyes of America you are the best President we have ever had. thank you again.

Becky Brittingham from Ohio

Submitted by Becky Brittingham

Thank you for your service and my Family will be voting for you 2024 I hope you win we all need you.
James Young

Submitted by James Young

Thank You President Mr. Trump. I'm Praying for God's Will. I appreciate you. USA 🇺🇸

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Thanks to you Mr Trump & the First Lady! You are still our President. I know God put you in office. I’m praying With God wanting you back in for such a time of this that God will strengthen you & put you where you belong. Back as our President in one nation under God. Throw all those out that do not love God & America. This is our land! Love your family and the sacrifices you have made! I pray that all repent and accept God as their Lord & Savior. Prayers for those trying to save our country! Thank you!
Can not donate at this time...

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Thank you President Trump as a disabled veteran of the United States Air Force and proud of it I took the same oath as you did my oath will die with me can't wait for the midterms in 2022 so that Republicans can take back the house in the Senate this country needs you more than ever the way things are going right now with the Border crisis which is in a crisis it is a planned them just like the Coronavirus the American people are you getting sick of this Administration we need you back as soon as possible for they destroy our country.

Honorable Patriot

Submitted by Chris Cox

🇺🇸 My DREAM IS TO MEET YOU IN PERSON so I can thank you face to face for ALL THAT YOU HAVE SACRIFICED & ENDURED for our WONDERFUL Nation!!! 🤗

We LOVE YOU & MISS YOU TERRIBLY on the front line!!

P.S. I WANT TO WORK FOR YOU if you have any openings!!!!!

Submitted by Christy Kubovcik

Thank you for being the best President we every had and we need you back if I have the money I would donate to you but with u know who in office don’t have the money but you have our vote and we stand with you we need you back in office fast before they destroy our country Virginia Joyce Flowers Living in Ky

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Dwight D Leister

Submitted by Dwight D Leister

Please President Trump please don’t wait to long we need you now before the swamp Destroys us. You are the best President ever. I do believe God is guiding you. I will always stand for you.

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Thank you President Trump for standing for truth, and for standing for the United States Of America. We pray fro you daily and are standing with you, God bless you and your family!

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President Trump my family truly believe you won the election and wish you could take over the office. When you were in we knew we were save because you care about the citizens of this country. Everything is going wrong now with this president. Our Faith has been shaken in Biden,. He doesn't give a shit about us. So thank you for caring and I can't wait for 2022 and ,2024. Love the hayes

Submitted by Carolyn Hayes

Thank you and your family, we need you back.

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Mr. President we need you back more than ever. We tried to see you when you were in Sarasota at Robarts but couldn’t get in. So I listened to your speech from our front entry. I am confident that you won the election and I am looking forward to see what 8/10 8/11 and 8/12 produces. This country needs you now more than ever. Good luck and may God be with you.

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Every time I see American flag I think of you it’s a secret hand shake to the best president we ever had love

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Thank you President Trump for standing up with and for “WE THE PEOPLE!!” You are still Our President of this United States of America and its Legal, God fearing, law abiding, hard working, tax paying, Flag Waving US CITIZENS!! We love you!! 🇺🇸MAGA -drain the swamp-close the borders-term limits-hold the lawless accountable for what they’ve done!!! God Bless You, and God Bless America!! 👆💜🙌 Vietnam Vet!! Proud of it!!

Submitted by Dean Miller

Please please come Back we need you God Bless you and your family we love you all from Albany Missouri

Submitted by Betty sorensen

Dear President Trump, I know without hesitancy that God chose you for this time. He is the God of order, peace, and love. In this evil world you were the one to bring Jesus into the world again. And, my friend, you did. That is exactly why these atrocities have happened to you and frankly, all Christians. This is definitely a spiritual war between good and evil, right and wrong. We, the believers in Christ, see this with clear eyes. We are sickened by the killing of babies. We are sickened by the lies from our leaders, today. We see Satan oozing from their smiles and laughter. But my dear President, even though we do not know the agony, trials, and pain this America will suffer, we do know who is victorious in the end. That is God, the Father, Jesus Christ, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Comforter. Thank you for standing the line for us while enduring horrific challenges for four years. We so appreciate you, love, and pray for you and your family. God Bless you!
Betsy from Georgi

Submitted by Betsy Bragg

Trump your the best president we’ve ever had we need you back oh we need you back dearly the American people love you
Patrick Gobep Louisiana

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Thank you!!

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Please Trump help OUR Country, HELP! We need you back..

Submitted by TR

Thank you President Trump! We need you back so bad!

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Thank you Mr Trump and God Bless you for all you have done and continuing to do for us all! Prayers for you and your family & much love!! Kim Wilson, North Carolina ❤️

Submitted by Kim

President Donald J Trump is the best President we have ever had… I love my President Trump can’t wait for him to come back… Thank You President Trump… Sarah J Dye

Submitted by Sarah J Dye

Thank you for all you do we love you can’t wait until ur be our president again thanks we love you

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Thank you President Trump for all that you have sacrificed . Words alone cannot express how much we need you back. I believe you have never left us but have been working harder than ever to fight the evil that has tried to destroy our country. Can’t wait to have you back where you belong. Thank you again

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Thank you President Trump and First Lady. I volunteered during the election to help out in my beautiful state and home Wisconsin. We were honored to have you speak several times in or state. I was at the Mosinee Airport when you spoke before the election. You made me proud to be an American, you lifted everyone's spirit a d pride. You are the President. I pray you will be reinstated. I hope you find it in your heart to run in 2024. We need our lion back, Sir! I would love to be part of your team and help out again should you decide. My name is Beverly Hoffman I am ready to take our country back! We the people will never forget, never stop fighting for what is fair and right. We miss you, and got your back. I ask only this. Do whatever you can to help the people that are in jail from Jan 6th. We must take back our country, we need to get rid of those voting machines, have voter id,close the borders, and become admired for our strength around the world once more. Bless

Submitted by Beverly

Thank u for everything!

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Thank you for all you have done for America, we can't imagine all of what the world put you and your family through. Thank you! See you soon !

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Thank you to the absolute BEST PRESIDENT of these United States 🇺🇸 of America 🇺🇸!! We love you and stand by your side Sir forever. May our Lord Jesus Christ keep you and your family protected and healthy all the days of your lives. You will never be forgotten!!

Submitted by Theresa A Shepstead

Watching the Trump train in The Dakotas with all of them motorcycles. And the driver said that Sidney Powell is going to be on a motorcycle. Awesome we need you back we miss you my heart sank on November 6th and I knew this country was going to hell. We want you back we love you all of us Patriots are saddened by our country being disrespected you loved us and our country and we loved you back. Take care of President Trump

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President Donald J Trump I miss you and your family. Things have gone downhill 💯 since that fake has been around!!! We know you won the 2020 Presidenal Election ... I know you are going to do things the right way and I am waiting for the day you take back your Rightful Presidenal Office... America Loves You and Trust You!!! Please come back immediately ... Thank You for everything you have done and ate doing for America ... God Bless America and God Bless You !!! Sincerely, Deborah Kamenica

Submitted by Deborah

You are the best President ever. So many of us want to see you back in office to make our country great again. The lies, cheating, fraud must be stopped. We love and respect you President Trump. Carry on.

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Everyone loves you President Trump! We can't wait for you to come back and take your rightful place in the Whitehouse.

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We miss you president Trump we need you back to save our country you are the only president that the United States of America wants and needs and thank you

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Thank you for being such a great president. I grew up on welfare so I fought hard to live the American dream. I became a successful nurse but am still bogged down with 84,000 student debt. The American dream seems to be falling by the way side. No people just wanna not work and get paid. Us hardworkers are paying for that. I pray we find a way to get you back in office. Tysm for all you did for our country and I’m so upset it’s going the opposite now.

Submitted by Frustrated middle class nurse

Thank you so much for what you have done for America! May God be with you during these trying times.

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Submitted by MARY

Thank you for all that you do! God Bless you!

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Thank you president trump for all you have done

Submitted by Cheryl

Waco, Texas Loves our President Trump. We miss you, here in the Heart of Texas.
God bless, our AMERICA!!
God bless, Texas!

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From California. President Trump. Thank You very much for being the President that you are. You did an awesome job the first 4 years and now we need you back as soon as possible. Trusting the plan but sure am missing you. It is very hard to look at this so called administration that is there now. I am Praying so hard for you and your people to make the country great again and safe again. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

Submitted by Barbara

President Trump we need you, you are the only one that can save this country! Looking forward to your rally in Cullmam,Al

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You will always be loved. Prayers for you continue. GOD bless you and America.

Melanie K, Philippines

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Thank you President Mr Trump.
I Pray Our Borders will be closed soon.
Arizona Christian Patriot.

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Thank you president Trump for all you have done for a country.and God bless you and your family. Hope to see you back soon. You are the best president we ever had and you are still my president. Love angela

Submitted by Angela watson

Thank you President Trump for all the sacrifices you have made to keep our Country great! Biden / Harris are destroying our beautiful Country I pray that you will be back in office soon God bless you & your family ‘and God Bless our Country 🇺🇸

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Thank you Donald J Trump for all the hard work you done to save this country and to tell you you are a country's biggest rock star and thanks for continuing to stand strong

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I just wanted to say we really miss you and we need you back! This country is going to Hell in a hand basket. Please come back and save us! I voted for you and I'll do it again. America needs you!

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The world need a President like u always. We respect u always. See you in 2024. Martin galway in Ireland.

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Thank you, Mr. Trump, for your exquisite sacrifice for the future of this great Nation. God’s hand is upon you. You were born for this unique purpose. Should the Lord Jesus Christ tarry, future generations will thank and honor your name. May you live long... and PROSPER!!

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Thank you President Trump for all the great things you have done for us and this Country! You are the best, strongest Leader this country has ever had. We need you back in the house, before Biden/ Harris complete destroys this Country. You won the 2020 election and anyone with half a brain knows it. I don’t have a big income, but I bought pillows from Mike Lindell today, because I know he’s been working very hard to get ypu back in office. I have been praying and will continue to pray for that to happen, and for the safety of you and your beautiful family🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Submitted by Verna

Sir, it is a very great privilege and a true pleasure to be able to thank you for all you do on behalf of the citizens of the United States of America and the freedom fighting populations around the world. You are an inspiration to millions seeking a better life based on God-given rights. The general “awakening” to repeal all that has been the corrupt conduct of ruling bodies everywhere must be assigned to the liberating thinking you have spawned. The participants in a Constitutional Republic can pray for no more than a representative that has their best interests in mind for every type of policy decision and expects, (and thus demands) the truth and the rule of law will be employed on their behalf, each and every time. I have no capacity to imagine the amount of commitment, personal sacrifice, and emotional cost endured to carry the mantra. . . POTUS. The world will never be the same because you were courageous enough to give so much. Again, thank you Sir, and God Bless!

Submitted by Michael and Jeanne Goodier

President Trump Thank You to both you and Melania for all you do and have done for our beautiful world, lots of love and gratitude from my family and I here in Western Australia. You have so many freedom loving patriots here that love you and for what you stand for. Love and Light
Always to you both. 💗😊💗🙏💗🇭🇲💗 🇺🇲💗

Submitted by Suzie

Please hurry back President Trump!

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President Trump, messages are coming out that you won the 2020 election. This country needs you desperately! I pray that God will bless you with continued good health! We love you, Sir! Elisa W

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Thank you President Trump for continuing to fight our battle against corruption in Washington! You are our hope! You’re in my prayers!

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Thank you President Trump! We've got this!

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Thank you President Trump for hope in these dark times.I am a man of god and I truly believe that God is using you to get rid of all the corrupt politicians,rich elites and the nasty pedophiles,along with the fake news people.We the people know you won in 2020 and are praying for your return soon.God bless you and don't you ever give up our fight for rightousness.we love you.

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We need you back in office asap!

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President Trump, I can not thank you enough for how much you fight for our country. I supported and believed in you from the get go. I will always have your back. Our country needs you, for you are the true president! God Bless you and your family, America loves you. Thank you Bev Hoagland

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Submitted by FREEDOM

Four great America President 1. George Washington 2. Abraham Lincoln 3. Ronald Ragan and 4. Donald Trump. President Trump moved the America Embassy to the correct location in Jerusalem. The only President to go to China and settle the trade deficit. Put people back to work. 2020 would have been the greatest GOP, but the Corvid19 (which came from China in reprisal). Lost the last President election because of people give the opportunity to vote seven times using mail in ballots and dead people voting. President Trump and America were cheated out of four more good years because of cheating and that is truth. God bless President Trump and his family always in Jesus name amen! Want to know about the King of kings Lord Jesus see John 3:16 in the Bible. If you don't have a Bible then go to your play store and download the Gideon Bible App.

Submitted by Augie Palmer

Thank You for Putting America first . Hopely you will run for Speaker of house in 2022 . Get Rid of Nancy Pelosi. Then run President in 2024 . I know your Team will be watching for Voter fraud ! Miss & Love you . Stay safe ! 🥰🥰

Submitted by Belle Starr

Thank you Mr President for all you do my late husband never voted after he served in Vietnam he received five Purple Hearts and our government wasn’t nice to the Vietnam vets but I’m sure he would have voted for you the reason being you love America and Americans also our military thank you from my heart

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Thank you . Keep up the great job! Terri

Submitted by Terri

Thank you for all you have done! You are Truly the best President ever in my 52 years of life! All I got to say now is Hope to see you in 2024 for a second run! Thank you and Bless this great country of ours!

Submitted by Eugene Quintana

Thank you Mr. Trump you were/ are the best president ever we need you we the american people need you our country needs you back drain the swamp we the american people stand behind you!!! We love you Mr. Trump trump2024

Ed Ruggerio from New york

Submitted by Edward Ruggerio

This is my grandson we love u and need u more than ever

Submitted by Ed Ruggerio

We love u President Trump my granddaughter with a message for u

Submitted by Ed Ruggerio