Submitted by John Senser

Mr. President,
THANK YOU for your boldness, your tenacity, your unwillingness to back down YOU are what we need. Mr. President, we need you to help us Californians form a new state without Tyranny that currently runs amok in our once Great State.
Thank you Lord that you are in control and that you have GIVEN Donald J. Trump authority over the lies of the accusers, Father God I thank you that you open the eyes of the complacent and let them see the lies of the enemy, let them stand for righteousness, remind them of the boldness that you put in them.
My family stands with you, my prayers are with you daily. Bless you Mr President, may the Lord God Almighty protect you and your family.
President Trump 2020!!

Submitted by Marlene Gallemore

Submitted by Tana Goertz

President Trump, Hello, my friend, my
brother. Just a word of
encouragement for you in these difficult days. God chose you for this job, for this time, and no one will
ever change your mind about that. I pray
for physical, mental, and spiritual strength for you daily. I also pray for your sweet Melania. (and t. rest of
your family). Please, if
you need me, call any
time - 24/7. You have my number already.
Rev. Michael "David Atherton. You are a

Submitted by Rev. Michael Atherton

Mr. President, my name is Maurice Gindratt. I live in West Hills, California. Its a suburb of Los Angeles. I am 56 years old & was born and raised in California.
I am absolutely devastated to have witness first hand, what has happened to our once proud and beautiful state.

Please help us change it for the better and support
"NEW CALIFORNIA". Your support and leadership makes all the difference. I watched you come down that escalator with our now First Lady, Mrs. Trump & heard your first media Q&A and I knew that you would get my vote & eventually become our 45th President. I do not doubt you will gain a second term, because after all Mr. President, their arms are 'too short to box with God'.
Thank you from the bottome of my heart in saying that you have done an EXCELLENT job as President & I am sure you will continue to do so in the coming next term.
Please pray for us in our formation of "New California"

Thank you again Mr. President,
The Gindratt family

Submitted by Maurice Gindratt

Dear President Trump,
We are with you! Thank you to Melania and your children for sharing you with us and for all their work as well for America at this critical time for our nation.
We, your deplorable Trump supporters from 2016 (& since), know as the world knows, that YOU alone stand between our sovereign America and tyrannical globalism - war waged from enemies without and within. Many Americans do not fathom (in part due to fake news & the Swamp) the enormous burden, the relentless opposition, and the dogged persistence it takes for you to fight for America everyday. I do. I’ve been (in my small way) fighting on the frontlines with you for the future of our great nation for my children and grandchildren to come.
You, your family, and all the other fellow Americans who will not surrender our great country and never give up our freedom are in my prayers. 🙏🇺🇸
With heartfelt gratitude, thank you!
Tamara Leigh
Tamara Leighs Trend On with Brent Hamachek

Submitted by Tamara Leigh

Dear President Trump we The People LOVE YOU ENORMOUSLY, we TRUST YOU 💯% we know that GOD is on our side and that TOGETHER we will WIN WIN WIN‼️🇺🇸

Submitted by

Thank you Mr President for your leadership. My wife and I look forward to being a part of New California State soon. We hope that Governor Kristi Noem can be part of your administration in the future. Blessings to you and your family.

Submitted by cdhill

Submitted by Buddy Hall

Thank you Mr President for supporting sanctity of life and law and order. We appreciate all that you are doing! We pray for you often. Blessings!

Submitted by rkhill

Submitted by Felisa

President Trump:
I retired from Washoe County in Nevada. I was originally hired out of the private sector to run the department I was in charge of to operate like a functioning private business. I accomplished that until the last two years of my service but when the liberal political leaders took over it went down hill quick. So I retired at 67 and moved to Northern California where I was raised. I registered to vote right off along with my wife and son. BUT of coarse we registered as a Republican but the day we went to vote the folks where we were supposed to vote had no record of us at all but of coarse they still had my dead brother still listed. I immediately went to the County Office and they said it must have been a computer error. We missed voting for you in 2016 but since I joined New California as a worker so this does ever happen to anyone again. Thank You for fighting the good fight and changing our country back to a republic. God Bless you & your family

Submitted by Jim Kelley

Thank you President Trump. in the midst of a constant barrage of negative press and
slander, you continue to press on and do what is right for the American citizen. It’s amazing how much they have thrown at you and nothing seems to stick. I call you “Teflon Don”. No average person could persevere through all of this without divine intervention. Your speech at Mt Rushmore was flawless yet the (m)ass media found a way to negatively spin it. More and more Americans are waking up and seeing through the media smokescreen narrative. I would ask you though to take the high road at rallies and speeches, and continue that same high road theme of speaking as you did at Mount Rushmore. That was the proudest moment watching you deliver that heartfelt sentiment amidst fireworks and fanfare. If we continue that till November and beyond, i feel our America first goals will win over even more of your skeptics, turn American around, and imprison it’s Traitors. Thank You Mr President.

Submitted by Jeff Rush

Submitted by Buddy Hall

Your speech and delivery in S.D. were brilliant. I am always watching for your next move. I can’t wait until November 3 to hear
CHECKMATE!! I pray for you and your family. I see your goodness and the way Providence has put in HERE , NOW.

Submitted by Debbie Mudder

Submitted by Buddy Hall

Dear President Trump,

I am so excited that this link was created so that "we the people" have the opportunity to write a THANK YOU to you!  

Our great Country was on a fast downward spiral until that awesome day in 2016 when you were elected President BY THE PEOPLE.  The evening of the election, my husband had the foresight to have a Trump Victory Party.  Since that day and because of you, our Country started to become great again.  The fundamentals of our economy have become stronger than ever.  Our superfluous borders began to close. Better trade deals were made, and ones that were actually FAIR!  Judges who will adhere to our Constitution have been appointed! Religious liberties, free speech, and the protection of the lives of the most vulnerable of our citizens are once again being honored.   You even utilize our right to free speech by challenging the media giant.  

Thank You!

Here's to continuing to make America great,

Kirsten Bradsky and Family

Submitted by Kirsten Bradsky

Submitted by One GREATful America

Dear President Trump~
Thank you for being a brilliant and brave soul that has stepped forward with such strength and determination. I see you deflecting a 1000 poisoned arrows, and yet you continue to fight for God and Country and for Goodness to reign once again. How blessed we are to have you as our fearless leader! You are blessing our world by lighting the way for humanity to thrive.
My family and I surround you and your family with Loving and Protective Energies. We are so grateful for your unconditional service and sacrifice.
May Godspeed...

Sara Carstensen

Submitted by Sara Skye

Submitted by SD4Trump

Our prayer is that all humans no matter what party they belong to join together and pray for our leaders and our country.
Thank you Donald Trump, our blessed President, for all that you’ve done and continue to do in leading our great nation towards all that it means to remain the greatest and most blessed nation in the world! You and your beautiful family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Submitted by Natana Potter (The Potter Family)

Submitted by Natana Potter (The Potter Family)

Submitted by One GREATful America

Dear Mr.President & First Lady🌹 Top of the morning☀️WE THE PEOPLE are so very honored to have you in our lives. I am a Q warrior from Montana. We 🙏🏻 for you and your family every day. I send LQV & LIGHT💫💜💫 your way for gratefulness and Freedom. ThanQ for saving our children 🙏🏻💙🙏🏻 Our children are our future. We will fight for our freedom with you all the way Sr. May God Bless all🙏🏻 This is the Best GREAT AWAKEING MOVIE🍿WWG1WGA 🌹 Sincerly Kimberly Arnold & Family from Montana🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻

Submitted by Kimberly Arnold

Submitted by Jason Stuen

Thank you, President Trump for working so tirelessly to make our county better and keep your citizens safe. I pray for you to have the strength and wisdom to make the decisions that are best for all of us. We are with you, we support you and we appreciate you.

Submitted by Grateful Citizen

Submitted by One GREATful America

Dear President Trump,

I wanna say thank you for your incredible job at making America great again. As a republican teenager growing up in a Blue state in the midst of Obama's tenure, I was ecstatic when you came into Office and turned the country around in so many ways after suffering through Obama's failures and his brainwashed supporters praising him. I can't begin to express my gratitude and appreciation for you and your success as our President. Keep fighting the good fight! We Love You Donald!!!

Submitted by Gianni Frangella

Submitted by TheSmarts

Submitted by One GREATful America

Submitted by Mark Skogerboe


America, the shining star of countries all,
Where Freedom dwells in each distinctive soul,
An equal land where man, his dreams extoll,
Though evil acts and threats perennially befall.
The Founder's Gift was keen perception's call,
'Twas honed with Spirit; God Almighty's roll,
A Republic wings o'er golden nation whole,
Now led by one whose Vision must not fall!
Donald Trump commands our mighty nation,
A man of strength, ideals, and justice fair,
When deviled lies blow round like conflagration,
Undaunted, he scales heights; seeks answered prayer.
Pray God to him protective blessings give,
Let FREEDOM'S Sacred Fire forever live!

God Bless America Again,
Judith Jelbert
June 12, 2020

Submitted by Judith A B Jelbert

Submitted by Kristina Malimon

Submitted by 5thGrader

Written in February, 2016
Why is it that human beings have such a difficult time making decisions? Why can't we simply trust a "gut feeling?" Just about all of the GOP candidates have appeal in some regard. But, that doggone Trump has a straightforward message of pure gut-felt reality that I wish would direct American leadership again. I want to feel a renewed sense of confidence and winning spirit! That is what America has nearly always projected until the election of 2008 when we fell under the trance of the devil that spoke beautiful words and Americans liked the pretty pictures of equality without personal effort. There was no description of WHO would pay for the beautiful life of privilege without responsibility. Myopic vision by the ignorant and needy marked the winning ballot for the god of hope and change. And, thus we arrived at a failed America.
I did give my vote to the newcomer, businessman,
Donald Trump. I have not been disappointed! Now, I say,
"4 more years!"

Submitted by Sister Liberty

Submitted by LucylovesTrump

Submitted by One GREATful America

President Trump, Thank you for your continuous effort to build America to its fullest potential. Your personal courage, tenacity and grit to achieve these goals is absolutely remarkable. The work is started, but not complete. Many immediate and longer term challenges remain. I hope in the coming weeks and months more Americans are able to catch your vision and join the effort. I appreciate the difficult task you have managed through the coronavirus crisis and the effort to safely recover our economy as quickly as possible. As you have stated, building on the recovery to regain momentum is the critical next step. There are many more priorities: Rebuilding military strength, trade, security, judicial, infrastructure, tax reform, energy, and you balance all these and others. How many presidents have progressed as you have on so many important issues so quickly? We need your leadership 4 more years. Thank you, Mr. President. Well done. Sincerely, George Bye

Submitted by George Bye

Submitted by One GREATful America

Mr. President I always dreamt for a businessperson to be POTUS. You have saved our country from damage inflicted by Obama & Co. Your success will be appreciated in history. But know at least 63 million of us have been grateful to you every single day.

Submitted by Dr.Jan

Submitted by GodBlessTrump

President Trump,
As both an American and an Interventional Cardiologist, I want to thank you on several fronts.
First thank you for fighting, that at times must feel like hand to hand combat with the media and socialist liberals, to maintain what has made America great. For making the tough decions, wading into issues former presidents have avoided, and being unwavering in your resolve. They can’t intimidate or break you or your family.
As a physician, thank you for all you and your staff are doing to work through the COVID-19 crisis, allowing our veterans a choice about where to receive quality healthcare, and working to reduce the cost of the prescription meds that the weak and elderly so desperately need.
You are truly a president to all and we are looking forward to four more years of the solidification of American identity, strength and prosperity.

Submitted by Greatfulphysician

Submitted by RosileeStNicholas

Dear President Trump,

I am eternally indebted to you for rescuing our country from the jaws of death in November, 2016. You rescued the future of my 6 children and the future of our great country. The sacrifices that you and your beautiful family have made for us are beyond numerous. I know, in my heart, that you have made, and continue to make those sacrifices, for one reason only. That reason is because you love your country. I hope that every American who sees this website, takes a minute to send you their heartfelt support and appreciation for everything that you continue to do for ALL Americans, everyday. We are in a battle, a spiritual battle for the soul of our country. No matter how hard it becomes, I know you will prevail. You will prevail because of what it is in your heart and because you are Divinely appointed, Divinely led and Divinely protected. Sending you Light, Love, prayers and profound gratitude every day.

Forever Grateful,
Stephanie Lien D'Urso

Submitted by Stephanie Lien D'Urso

Submitted by Cupcake

Submitted by OlafLovesTrump

Thank you , President Trump for speaking the truth! My husband and I will always defend you! Please know I pray for you each and every day.

Submitted by Anne Konur

Submitted by One GREATful America

Thank you for your courage and conviction to stand up for this country and expose the uneven playing field which has been allowed to propagate under many previous administrations at the expense of our wealth, power and influence. This country has been fleeced by both its allies and its adversaries (China) for far too long. NO ONE possesses the fortitude to right this wrong, and usher in a new era of American prosperity and greatness but you, Mr. President.

Submitted by Tony Marshall

Submitted by One GREATful America

Your heroic sacrifices will forever serve as an example and inspiration for every patriot to come. We are so grateful for you!!!

Submitted by Audrea

Submitted by One GREATful America

Submitted by Daniel Burke

Dear President Trump,
We truly believe God had a hand in your election and that you have surrounded yourself with people who want to save America from socialism . Thank you for all you do for the USA and beyond it’s borders .God Bless you ,your family and the cabinet .
Carole Wilson

Submitted by Carole Wilson

Submitted by One GREATful America

Mr. President, me and my family want to thank you personally for all you have done for our great country. We know your intent has always been to make America great again and we have seen it daily since you were inaugurated.

Although you have been put in a bad light from some that have ill intentions, know that we feel in our hearts you are and have been the president we want leading our country.

Submitted by WeSupportU

Submitted by One GREATful America

Submitted by Tinkerbell

There has only been one other President in our nations history who has suffered the degree of personal attacks and animosity that President Trump has. That man was Abraham Lincoln.

Submitted by Andrew Shattuck

Submitted by InMemoryofCHL

Submitted by One GREATful America

Submitted by StayStrong

Submitted by DraftsforTrump

Submitted by WeLoveMelania

Submitted by The Smith Family in Cheyenne, WY

Submitted by Puppylove

Submitted by GodBlessAmerica

Submitted by EasterBunny

Thank you, President Trump, for your love for our country, your belief in our people, and your trust that we'll always stand for freedom for all.

Submitted by Melanie

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